SpookTube Theater Episode 1: Backstreet Boys, Thunderblue, and Cupcakes.

Most other sites like to showcase really great and popular Pony-related-videos.
After nearly 3 months of existence, we shouldn't need to tell you, we aren't most sites. Introducing Spooktube Theater, a showcase of the much lesser-known videos from the scary side of the Youtube Tracks, nothing with more that 10K views at the time of posting.

Today we have 4 outstanding videos for your Goldie-Award considerations. First up, is that not nightmare-inducing at all Backtreet Boys PMV up top.

Next we have this bangin cupcakes techno remix. Remember this is Original Content do not steal.

After that we have the best workout video we've ever seen come from a brony.

Finally a musical masterpiece from everyone's favorite skype contact; Thunderblue.

Have a lesser-known video you think deserves a spotlight?
Send it to us on twitter or email it to horsenewsmlp@gmail.com

Comments (4)

  1. >that techno remix's goal horn on the end
    my sides, for real

    1. So glad I read this or I would have missed the masterpiece that is that air horn at the end.

  2. More of this please, my sides left orbit to embrace the sun.

  3. Oh fuck. That first video. Suddenly, so many things make much more sense. Drowning in Horseshoes and a bunch of other guys have made fun of this EXACT video before, and I never realised it was a real thing! I thought the airhorn thing was just a parody!