Dark Skyes: The Journey Continues (UPDATED)

Pictured: A sad, lonely man.
So, for those of you who re unaware. Sam Hyde is still a faggot. There are officially less than 2 days left in the Dark Skyes Saga, before the time finally runs out on Scam Sam's ever-emptying hourglass. Thanks to the investigators and people spreading the word, the kickstarter is still nearly $4000 short of its goal.

Sam Hyde, the pencil-dicked, pig-faced little shit behind the fake Brony dating sim, Dark Skyes, has now taken to continuing to be a prick. He has been convincing his little MDE friends to flag the new Dark Skyes developers (which is to say, the real game being made by real bronies) to be taken down.

Pictured: Too much spare time.
A video related to the scam-exposing effort was actually removed from youtube due to a copyright claim by the MDE.

That's right, they can take down videos for copyright, but people can't take down the kickstarter for being a scam. Which the MDE is outright admitting now. In the screencap at the top of the post, you can see the facebook post stating; "I was going to take the money and make a really shitty brony dating sim" confirming once and for all, everything that was suspected of the "project".

But that's not all! Mr Hyde has also been sending threats to the lovely Pukey Poney, who is working ever-so diligently to create an actual dark skyes game.

Pictured: a micropenis..
 It is only a matter of time, of course, before Mr. Hyde ends up with the bad end of the copyright stick, especially given the artwork in question belongs to Ms. Pukey herself.

The last update on the kickstarter in a last ditch attempt to save his sinking ship came in the form of this update post  which shows "live video" of the "demo" of a game that is "95% done" from a project "4 years in the making". The video clip is full of cuts and fades showing no story progression or animation, or even indication that the placeholder art they are using are even connected in any way.

Needless to say, people weren't buying it.

More as it comes in!

Latest Update: Le Scam Sam announces his plan to fund the rest of the kickstarter himself, thus grabbing all the pledge money from an otherwise failed kickstarter.

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  1. I have never seen such an incredible amount of desperation from one human being.

  2. NormalPerson has the hard-hitting words of truth. Sam better heed those words.

  3. What I don't get is why Sam didn't admit everything when he was found out. He could of at least saved face as a troll, but he's insistent on getting Dark Skyes done. Now he's the worst of the both worlds - someone who tried to exploit the Brony phenomena for profit, and a failed enfant provocateur suffering from troll's remorse. He's either really desperate for that Brony money, or completely delusional, or both.

  4. There you go, Sammy, send her that C&D. Then file suit when she ignores it. Not sure where you're going to get the money for even a halfway-decent private practice attorney, but do it. Then all these documents come out in open court. That's exactly what you want to see happen, right?

  5. Can I offer you some advice? Don't open your post by calling someone a 'faggot.' It kinda taints the rest of your message.

    Especially given the negative implications. That word has traditionally been used as a derogatory term for homosexual. Even if he's not a homosexual, it's still not on.

    Just like, no matter what the race, you should never call someone a... n-word.

    And yes, he may be a prick, but please don't open your piece with that.

    1. Do you even 4chan?

    2. >Once upon a time in the magical board of 4chan
      the more this blog gets attention, the more people ignore its true origins.

    3. Wow, you have a severe case of being a dumb faggot

    4. >not knowing the true origins of this site
      Congrats, you're a fucking faggot.

  6. Anyone shipping this guy with PinkiePony?