500,000 page views circlejerk!

Special thanks to PonehAnon for the glorious picture.
Several months ago our forefathers set out on a mission. A mission to bring you news the way /mlp/ wants their news. With an over abundance of drama and useless crap you don't need, all while calling people faggots. Therefore you could call us faggots. And look how far we've come.

Join the party after the break!

Horse-News started as a really bad idea from even worse people, much like another fandom news site, only we were no where near as retarded. Not to mention we had Capper's sexy full bodied figure and the autism of an entire image board as a start up.

Along the way we've lost some good people, most notably the grand daddy whole project, Best Horse, who mysteriously disappeared out of no where. We've also lost some good anons and namefags, and almost lost some depressing kid. However, throughout the ride we've also gained new Horse-News staff, new trends, and a relatively good season of episodes to call terrible and fight over.

Awful movie sequels, the fall of a unbearable social justice warrior, major scams, the loss of some fandom favorites (and a fandom despised project), and even pissing off some Juggalos there's been a hell of a lot we've either made up or reported since we began. 

In this time we've also expanded our empire across the internet. We've created a terrible clone on Facebook, our own le epic reddit feed, a YouTube page we never update, and we've even been fighting for bullshit meaningful causes on Tumblr. But what really matters is the one page we're not ashamed of, our twitter feed. Thanks to our incredibly minuscule readership, we've reached a decent amount of followers in very little time.

From myself, Capper, Rarifag, that one writer with a vagina, Fed, Jim, and the rest of the Horse-News staff (and Fim too!), we'd like to say thanks, anon. You're not just a Horse Fucker, you're our Horse Fucker.

 Stick around for the next time we celebrate our meaningless achievements.

Only the best ;)
Horse-News would just like to say that we really do enjoy bringing all this drama and porn to the masses. It's been a pleasure even though you never asked for it.

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  1. Sweet link brah

    You're not complete and utter faggots, so good job on that.

  2. Thanks for all you do, you glorious faggots.

  3. Y-y-you too faggots.

  4. I remember when I joined and thought this was going to last about 3 months.
    Thanks to the intense autism we have, we are here!