Twilight's Treehouse now on the market in West Virginia

If only life was this nice...NOW IT CAN BE
You know when comedians say the best material is true material? Guys, we're not fucking with you. This is actually happening. Twilight's treehouse is now available for 55,671 bits.

Source of the whole article
The Movoto real estate blog, under the "novelty real estate" category I might add, released an entry about the sale of an actual, real life, honest to god recreation of Twilight's Treehouse. The treehouse will be available for sale in Moorefield, West Virginia. The location was picked for several reasons, including nearby forests, apple acres, small population, and even to the point of it's proximity to "Manehattan" (Manhatten) and "Fillydelphia" (Philadelphia).

Because West Virginians are the pinnacle of tolerance
As for the size of the house? The blog has done their homework again. Using the "8 ft candy cane method", they've calculated the entire property as being 1,009 squared feet. Then after looking over other houses in the area and getting in touch with the community, they've estimated a price of $110 per square feet, bringing the total of $111,343. And if you, like every other member of the fandom, used your Hasbro brand Handy Dandy Rockefeller Exchange Bit Machinge (now with added Rainbow Power!), you'd know that comes out to 55,671 bits.

Richfags pay up
The blog goes on with far more boring information and less exploitable material, so I'll just add a secret link here for you to check it out for yourself. We don't know if the accuracy of this blog and the efforts they've gone through is impressive or incredibly pathetic. But who are we to judge, half of us are fat, the majority are virgins, several alcoholic and junkie, and, worse of all, a woman.

The real question about the tree house is what will happen next? Will the property come with it's own green and purple slave? Will we be provided horses or will we have to buy our own and spray paint them? Will the neighbors come over for spaghetti dinners? More importantly, will they actually build the damn thing before they sell it?

Only one thing is sure though. Humanity has gone too far. The ride will never end.

"Want to come inside my house, anon?" Y-yes ma'am
Horse-News would like to let the buyer of the home know that we will stalk you and take over your property no matter what you do. Also I call dibs on the top bunk

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  3. >and poke fun at Spike's crush on Rarity
    Fucker can't get ANY respect.

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