Entertainment Weekly posts the usual New Ep clip.

It's Friday, so expect the usual 2-3 clip routine for the day.
Today we find out it's another AJ honesty Ep, but this time her love of money gets in the way.

From the Description:

Uh oh: The Flim Flam brothers are back. And this time, the Apple family may be falling under their spell.
Though Applejack remains suspicious of the shady pair in this week’s My Little Pony, Granny Smith takes a few sips of their “Cure-All Tonic” — and says, much to Applejack’s surprise, that the remedy actually worked. Could it be that the Mane Six has been wrong about the bros all along? (Yeah, probably not.)



Comments (3)

  1. Oh goodie, it looks like another "Applejack Is Always Right" episode.

  2. Fuck apples.

  3. The problem isn't that they make bad products. The problem is their business model. I'm sure a healthy apple/beet leaf juice would be marketable, as would machine-pressed cider. (Do all their schemes involve crushing apples to juice?) But selling juice as a tonic, or driving the founding farm of the community out of business, are just bad business.