Silly Filly Studios giving away free passes to Detroit Convention

Silly Filly Studios (the creators of SnowDrop) and HotDiggedyDemon are both slated to be guests at the upcoming Midwest Media Expo in Detroit Michigan (which is the Springtime equivalent of Youmacon). Though technically an "anime-centric" convention, ponies have taken the scene by storm over the last year. And this is not to be confused with that OTHER convention in Detroit. SFS has been given 100 passes to the con to giveaway, and took a few minutes to tell Horse-News about their plans for the convention. Are you in the Detroit area and somehow still alive? Then this could be for you. Check out the video and link to entry form below. 

Entry Form:

Bold: Horse-News

Responses: Silly Filly Studios

What made SFS want to come to MME?
We were introduced to the Midwest Media Expo by our friend Kroze, who we met at Bronycon. He's been assisting the convention with guests and believed that it would be a great fit for us to premier work and meet those in a different area who might not have been able to come to Bronycon. Not only that, this is a first year convention, and we would love to do our best to help see it succeed. The idea of a convention that can cater to and bring together several different fanbases under one roof, be it anime, western animation, fantasy, sci-fi, etc., is awesome!

Have any of you been to Detroit before?
Only our instrumental musician Nick Keeling has been to Detroit before, so this will be a new experience for a lot of us. I (Meredith) grew up in Indiana though, so I wasn't too far away!

When (what day) is your panel?
The schedule hasn't been officially released so we're uncertain about the day and time of our official panel. But we'll be around to meet everyone all weekend, and I've been told that will include the panel and an autograph session. (I've also been told to say that I'll be on a Cards against Humanity panel with several other guests of honor...which will be...interesting, haha.--Meredith)

What do you plan on presenting?
At the convention we plan on premiering an early preview of our latest animation, "Fall of the Crystal Empire". This will likely not be the polished version of the animation, but it will likely be most if not all of the piece in its basic form (without after-effects and other certain polishing tools). We will also maybe be able to hint at what our next project will be after Fall is completed, though we won't be able to speak much about it at that time.

Are you planning on premiering any new projects?
The new project after Fall of the Crystal Empire, in the form we are currently assuming it will take, will be an enormous undertaking, and as such we cannot promise to be able to show much or any of the concept. But I'm hoping we might be able to give a hint or two about what it will be about.

Are you going to any other cons this year?
The team is hoping to make it to Bronycon this year as well, as we submitted a panel request, but no word on any other convention appearances yet.

Are you sure the 100 passes aren't a prank (it says April 1st)?
Haha, yes, we promise this is real! The convention has been extremely generous and wants to support our fans, so they've given us 100 free passes. It's only on April 1st because that's a week from today. But for anyone that doesn't receive a pass through the raffle, the cost of the tickets for Midwest Media Expo are very reasonable for a three day convention. The cost varies depending on if you purchase a three-day or a one-day, but the registration page on the con website has all the details.

Are you looking forward to any of the other guests/events at the con?
Oh my goodness, yes!! There are so many guests that are going to be there! I myself really want to meet Natasha Allegri (the creator of Bea and Puppycat), but there's also  HotDiggedyDemon, Ken Pontac, Steam Powered Giraffe, Ellen McLain, Vic Mignogna, Todd Haberkorn, VG Cats, and a whole bunch of others that haven't even been announced yet! (I've been hearing rumors, by the way, of a *very* big MLP guest in the works, but it's not been confirmed yet.) It's going to be insane!

Anything else we should know?
We really can't wait to meet all of you if you're planning to go! So far the members that we know are going for sure are myself (Meredith Sims, Snowdrop writer/voice), Spencer Moran (voice of Donut Steel), Marshal Watson (head animator and artist), Jen McGregor (voice of Celestia), Nick Basch (Musician lead, Fall of the Empire), Nick Keeling (Co-musician, Snowdrop), Jake Stanley (background artist), Reagan Murdock (Co-musician on Snowdrop, voice of Discord), and Nathan Hajduk (effects animator). If we're lucky we may be able to get one or two more there. We can't wait to meet all of you in Detroit!!

Comments (3)

  1. There is no group afillyated (see it?) with ponies that has a higher undeserved opinion of itself than Silly Filly studios. No thanks. I'd like to see Max, though.

    1. Silly Filly Studios seems to go out of its way to attack its own fanbase.

    2. Eh, I've seen their animator be an ass to people on occasion, but the rest of them seem pretty decent. If they put someone in charge who wasn't so short-tempered they probably wouldn't have that reputation.

      Plus, Fall of the Empire looks pretty cool.