Raycord Legends: interview with staff member Artyom (InvisiblePony)

Four days ago we posted the original article announcing the new game entitled "Raycord Legends", and how it looks to be a great project. Soon after this, we attempted to get an interview.

Well. We got one, filled with new information about the upcoming project. Get Hype.

Yay! Petty interview!
After some private messaging and Capper finally accepting me as a decent horse-fucker journalist, we got a set up for a private interview on Skype.

Artyom (InvisiblePony)

Before we begin, this isn't another ruse for some weak little internet troll group, correct?
I have a project with a game opened on the same notebook I'm chatting with you. And a few months worth of different arts and concepts. I'd take my hat off to any trolls who are this dedicated. But no, we are not trolling.

Good, we have enough drama on our hands from that other "game". So, what's your name and position on the staff?
The name is Artyom, nickname InvisiblePony, and I'm a coder and scriptwriter for the project. I don't like all that "what's your position" sort of questions, because our team is quite small and thus each person does everything he can to help the development.
For example, I also generate ideas together with our art director Lors, and he gives me ideas for my algorithms from time to time.

How'd the idea come about for this project? What was the drive for it?
Well, as we've said in the description of the video, the project was highly inspired by Rayman Legends. Especially by it's musical levels (the ones where you run constantly, jumping and killing baddies along with the rhytm [sic]). So Lors (the current art director) suggested making an animation done in style of such a level. And I've said that we can probably turn that into a game.

What exactly is the format we're looking at for Raycord? Is it just a platformer, or is there more to it?
I can't say much about it on the moment. What we want is action packed platformer, maybe with a hint of puzzles, but not much. We have quite a few ideas of our own, but we are also going to rely much on the feedback. So, if at some point in our development people will suggest some interesting or popular opinions, we will highly consider using them in the game. So Raycord is probably gonna turn out not the platformer we imagine at the moment, but the platformer our players would enjoy.

Besides Faust, Scruffy, and Discord Raycord, can we expect any other characters to be involved?
Indeed. There are going to be a lot of characters. Some of them are completely generic, while with some of them you will be quite familiar. Just to give you a hint - Discord isn't the only being in MLP universe who is old enough to be present at the time described in "Raycord Legends".

How many cease and desist letters have you recieved from hasbro so far?
Zero. And we're planning to continue this trend.

We know how tough reading is for some of you, so here's a pony in a bathing suit and socks.
What are some of the more interesting features we can expect coming from this project?
Well, first of all, as I've already said the thing that inspired us to make the game were musical levels from Rayman Legends. And we definetely [sic] want to add some of these. We're also going to tell the player a story, unlike Rayman does, which you, hopefully, will find amusing. And speaking about the gameplay itself... Well, how about playing with changing gravity, while possibly shrinking and growing, and transforming enemies into different things with magic? It's Raycord we're talking about - we can do a lot of stuff and still fit in with the character. As long as you are patient enough to wait, we'll find a way to bring to life what amuses you the most.

Well are there any hints about the story you can give us?
We actually have a comic - it's called "Accidentally", and the story for our game is based on it. Not completely, but we will try to folllow [sic] it as far as it doesn't interfere with the quality of our game. Oh, and a lot of characters from it will be present in the game.
We don't expect player to read the comic beforehand, though. All the story will be told as if you've never seen it (and for most of the people that would definetely [sic] be truth).

Let's pretend someone in this fandom isn't a virgin. Could someone play this with their kids or is the intended audience older?
It will be completely family-friendly. No blood, no swearing, cartoon violence only. Rayman Legends is 3+ as far as I remember, and MLP is family show, so why should we make something more aggressive?

Of course, I mean, who would bastardize such a family friendly show? Anyways, is there anything else in particular you'd like to share?
Well, we are planning to keep you guys informed about the development progress every weekend, and answer your questions from time to time. So keep a look on our tumblr, throw in your feedback, and we'll try to consider the most of it.
That will keep us busy and serve as a reminder that there are people out there waiting for our game.

Alright, final question. What is best pony news site? Equestria Daily, that one site run by some egotistical shit, or Horse-News?
"It's everypony.ru No offence, it's just because we are Russian auditory"
Quoting our artist on this. Couldn't say it better.

Damn Commies...

Horse-News would like to remind you that we don't agree with the invasion of neighboring countries, nor WW3 PUTIN BEST AND MANLIEST PREZIDENT

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  1. This looks like a fantastic game I almost can't wait to try it! Good Luck (But I don't think they need it)