M.A. Larson Writes Something Other than Horses

Today, fans of My Little Pony worldwide were excited to learn that writer M.A. Larson's latest writing endeavor has just popped up on Amazon.
Moments later, however, they were collectively disappointed at the fact that the subject matter has a distinct lack of colorful horses.

The book, Pennyroyal Academy, is set to release on October 7, 2014.  It starts with a young girl who has no name and no idea where she is nor how she got there; or, in other words, it starts with a timeless tradition of a MLP writer being too lazy to include a back story.

The girl then finds out that she is in the middle of a war.  When doing so, she does the only logical thing possible in that situation:  Sign up for training so you can help fight it.
Larson confirmed for agent of propaganda
She enlists at Pennyroyal Academy, a training site for princesses and knights (which apparently are on the same level in this odd version of the feudal system).  Here they learn to fight their enemies, the countries in the Middle East those goddamn terrorist witches and dragons.
The young girl, at some point given the name of Evie (wait, what the fuck, Larson?), trains under a drill sergeant.  She learns many important lessons about life, family, and compassion, as well as such useful information as "without me, my rifle is useless" and "without my rifle, I am useless."
What have we got here, a fucking comedian?
The synopsis ends by telling about how the young girl graduates from the Academy, earning a pair of wings and the ire of the Pennyroyal Academy fandom simply stating that the war is much more personal than the girl anticipated.

Naturally, we here at Horse News are highly skeptical of the story.  Every indication seems to be of the characters being of human nature.  Why would I want to read the story of a character that has no hooves?  Also, the audiobook is listed at $45.00.  The fact that the story likely features non-pony characters as well as the ridiculous prices have forced us to conclude that this entire thing is a scam and Larson is going to pull the book as soon as he gets enough pre-orders.

We have been informed that a previously released synopsis for this book was filled with spoilers that clears up many of these concerns, but unlike some news sites, we here at Horse-News do not approve of posting spoilers for highly anticipated products from MLP writers.

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