Finger a "Pinkie Pony" for charity, coming in April

With the ongoing success of the Tracy Cage Charity Train for RAINN, one man has become inspired and stepped forward with his own contribution to a charity effort. The man who chooses to remain anonymous is constructing custom pony finger puppets, to be sold for profit to support victims of sexual assault. He calls them "Pinkie Ponies".

Only 3 of these are acceptable colors.
"I call them Pinkie Ponies because they are designed for children's hands, so most people will only be able to fit them on their pinkie finger!" the crafter said. He is donating all of his proceeds directly for charity and will be taking none of the profit for his work. "It's the least I could do," the crafter said. "Pinkie Ponies have been around for years this will be the first time a Pinkie Pony ever actually helped a sexual assault victim!"
According to the crafter, Pinkie Ponies will be constructed of a variety of materials, from cloth that barely covers any skin, to plastic faces caked with paint and hair dyed in "rebellious artificial colors".

The crafter says that these puppets will take awhile to make and deliver, but they will be coming in April. The colors are random and some are perceived to be better than others, so it is considered a privilege to get certain ones. Orders will come with a score chart with which you can "check your privilege".

The man creating the puppets said he does this because he doesn't have much else to give, he's operating on a small budget that will hopefully yield a greater amount for the charity. "My mother gave me $40 for food and was surprised I spent it on toys."

Pinkie Ponies may seem stupid to some, but the creator thinks they're genius. "I think it's a pretty smart investment." He plans on bringing Pinkie Ponies to sell at a vendor table at Bronycon.

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  2. This is funnier than it should be. I just might buy some at BABScon, depending on their price.

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  6. >Finger a "Pinkie Pony" for charity, coming in April
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