Glenn Beck goes Brony, Dark Skyes goes Double Helmet and the InternetAristrocrat blows DWM down

The last few days have seen a great number of interesting videos surfacing, 3 in particular are worth a watch if you have not yet seen them. From Glenn Beck petting a plush pony plot, to Dark Skyes shooting itself in the foot again, to the InternetAristocrat tearing "Down with Molestia" a new orifice.

First up is this headscratching moment from Glenn Beck. Beck brought ponies into his show in an act of solidarity with #standwithgrayson in repsonse to the 9-year-old who was bullied for carrying a Rainbow Dash backpack, and was banned by his school from carrying it (instead of punishing the bullies). Beck says to Grayson that he does not want society to fight his battles for him, but that he should dare to be different and stand up for himself. The Grayson story has been picked up by dozens of news organizations already and is even trending on Facebook. Though the action surprises many, very few should be surprised that Glenn Beck's waifu is Applejack.

Next up is this unlisted video from le Scam Sam of MDE and the man behind the Dark Skyes Kickstarter Ruse that is still ongoing. There are still many who claim the project's legitimacy, despite a notice from members of the "staff" that the project is disingenuous. In this video from December of last year you can see Sam calling the future backers of the project "retards" and proceeding to give instructions on how to give the first lines of dialogue for the promo video.

Third is this 30-minute long masterpiece from the "InternetAristocrat", titled "The Hugbox Chronicles - Episode 4". As a part of his ongoing series, he explains the "Down with Molestia" movement from start to finish, and exposes its leaders for thier hypocrisy, tearing them a brand new orifice. He concludes the video with an explanation of why it is important to not tolerate their behavior as they are being allowed to dictate what is funny andf what isn't, and serves an indictment to the entire community. Also his pronunciation of "Molestia" is just wonderful.

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  1. Molestasia is mah waifu

  2. We need an Ask Molestasia blog, featuring some Disney princess (Anastasia, was it?) molesting her subjects.

  3. Jim X Molestasia. OTP.


  5. Molestia wasn't really funny, though. All "rape isn't funny u monsturss" aside, it was one singular joke about sexual assault and it got tiresome quickly.

    And hasn't it already been established it was actually Hasbro that gave JJ trouble, and Down With Molestia was just in the 'right' place at a convenient time and really had nothing to do with it being taken down?
    (Feel free to correct me on that; I haven't really payed attention to the shitstorm)

    1. wait, did you actually follow the blog? Because very little of it had to do with sexual assault at all, it was just Molestia being cheeky and risque most of the time, and by the end there were more "Molestia's butt is fat" and "gamer Luna does ...blah blah blah... and it's cute" postings than sexual ones. And the art style was amazing

    2. Really? Oh well, I never checked out the blog that much, and when I did it was mostly 'imminent rape' that was the joke in the majority of the posts I saw, so I usually avoided it because I got the impression it was for the most part about rape - not that rape jokes aren't funny, it's just that the jokes themselves weren't 'all there' for me.
      That and certain fanboys didn't really boost my desire to follow the blog; you know the ones who'd label it as canon Celestia's personality.