>CLOP, the Browser Based Pony Game for True™ Horsefuckers

This last December, a horsefucker started a new paradigm in browser games: >CLOP. >CLOP is a spreadsheet simulator in which players use diplomacy, metagaming, lies, invasion, >rape, and jewry of the highest degree to rise to the top. >CLOP may look like a BLOC clone, but it really... Okay, yeah, it's a BLOC clone. Some schools of thought believe that >CLOP is actually shit.

Baldwin demonstrates his monstorous faggotry
No really the game is perfect
I just don't want to be alone

Despite there being a few issues with the game, it's still fun. Anyone should be able to play without too much difficulty (Protip: get in an alliance quickly, or start your own!). The game is a tad difficult at first, and there is a constant threat of losing your nation. A fun game mechanic is war. You get to take over nations with forces named whatever you like, so you can invade a nation with horsecock or some shit. 

Sadly, most wars are prevented by largely imbalanced alliances. As of this writing there are are six alliances on varying degrees of shit: (note: Shit-o-meter rating is on a 0-10 scale, 0 denotes shit-free while 10 is given to alliances that are full of shit)
  • AMEP - Headed by Bugfucker, a notorious Chrysalisfag, this alliance is the oldest and largest in the game. Do not join as it is full of kikes and niggers. Shit-o-meter rating: 10/10
  • Friendship for All - A faction led by a player named Dreamsweet. The focus of this faction is friendship, making it essentially the Ponychan alliance. Starting wars is something they are opposed to, and Dreamsweet follows strict nonaggression policies. However, this alliance has a lot of potential due to its members, scoring it some extra points. Shit-o-meter rating: 5/10
  • Novus Ordus Equus - An alliance led by Lolipop, an avatarfagging circlejerker. This alliance used to be the bad guys of the game until Lolipop became leader, turning the faction into dickless faggots. Now the only people they attack are defenseless nations that just got past the newfag timer. Shit-o-meter rating: 10/10 
  • GLORY OF MOTHER RUSSIA - Founded by some faggot that can't even speak English properly, this alliance was made to be his special spot. In recent times, Boothebug, a fag who used to be part of another alliance took over. This alliance usually flies under the radar after the founder left. Good riddance too, the fucker is now in NOE jerking himself off over Bugfucker. Shit-o-meter rating: 5/10
  • New Player Academy - The go to place for newfags. This alliance, founded and led by MainMan, a huge kike, is meant to help new players gain the ability to make it on their own. This alliance is the only one that has a rational goal. However, they do prevent me from beating the shit out of nations that just passed the newfag timer, so fuck them too. Shit-o-meter rating: 4/10
  • Democratic Republic of Horse Korea - A recently reformed alliance led by Discordantly, a guy who wants to be Discord but his mom won't let him. This alliance is too small to operate on its own, and needs to beg other alliances for help when under threat of war. Another alliance with pretty much the same exact shitty players (by the way, only one of the four in the faction now actually browses /mlp/, the other three are afraid) was killed by threat of attacks from AMEP. Shit-o-meter rating: 4/10
As you can see, alliances are a major part of the game.

Now, most readers probably believe this game has no goal other than e-horsecock waggling. That is false, the game was recently given an endgame. The endgame allows player to go the path of Twilicorn and straight to the toy shelves and ascend to become immortalized on a leaderboard, for e-horsecock waggling that extends beyond the here and now. 

The best nation in the game

As a frequent player of >CLOP, I really have to say it is a fun game to play. I recommend giving it a try if you can spare about 30 minutes a day to check up on your nation. I absolutely recommend it if you have several friends so you can start an alliance that isn't the typical stagnant "just for trading!" of current times.

You can join >CLOP here, and if you want to talk to some players or the admin, there are links to the IRC and MLPchan threads at the top of the page. 

Coming next week: an interview with the admin of >CLOP!

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  1. Looks like someone got trashed by amep and is just spouting shit.

    1. No, I just dislike how cancerous they are in the sense of preventing any fun. So fuck off nigger

    2. Don't worry I hired some of those "cancerous faggots" to attack the poor fool that posted his overview screen.

  2. Fuck off spammer
    Nobody loves you

  3. I could never get into these games. For a single player guy like me, (read: no friends) I want to make interesting gameplay choices in my games. I don't want a game to rely on political maneuvering (read: bullshit I deal with on a daily basis) and dick waving to be the main focus.

    It's cool if other people are into it, it's just not for me.

    1. I-I could be your friend, anon

    2. Well you could join Amep, they play other games besides clop and are always looking for new blood.

    3. >joining the autism faction that doesn't allow free speech