It's no secret of how much speed the Michael Vegetable Shekel Scam movement has become, and now, it's reached it's most embarrassing peak. Justin Bieber, between DUI's and the fucking end of his career, decided he'd pander to an even more horrid group of fans: Bronies. But what does this all mean? There may be more to the story than you're aware of.
After this tweet was posted, both the staff at Horse-News and nor/mlp/eople went in to overdrive figuring out what all of this could actually mean. If you recall, Bieber's name has come up with Meghan's lies before, but both times assumed to be nothing more than her horribly unfunny trolling attempts.

The initial April Fools Joke

Then this strange real tweet...
Now we have the king of #SWAG himself responding to a relatively fandom news only based charity. So as soon as Bieber makes it a thing, what happens? First off, Bieber's incredibly idiotic and obsessive fanbase gets wind, and after offering to suck his 4 inch snack stick for a follow, the tweet it and makes it a new trend...

lik diz if u cri evry tim :'(
Soon enough, major "news" outlets get a hold of it, like Fox News or Sky News...

And suddenly it all starts falling in to place. The pieces are all falling. You see, the media casts MLP, mainly the show with mentions of the fandom, in a positive light, in contrast to the negative of the "mean ol' bully wullies". This brings much more attention to the show, including ratings and lots of beautiful money spent on their products. This whole thing becomes a damn movement and then the fandom is ruined, mainly /mlp/, who when plagues with even worse over the top autism, can no longer thrive. 

This may be the end.

Or, with the /mlpol/ theories, it could be something much worse. Oh, yes. Something even more degrading. A cameo with Hasbro's approval.

Yes. A cameo. Granted, this is only a theory, but if true, this would be the equivalent of autism pie with a FinalDraft cum custard being slapped in our faces. Truly gentleman, we too are at the end of our ropes.

Oh look, the exit's up ahead. 

We here at Horse-News would like to say that not all our articles are true, but hey, fuck you. This one however, is true. We truly apologize, and may the ride be more gentle for you.

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    Is this Pound Puppies?

  2. When did Meghan suddenly start to become witty?

    She's almost a female Larson now.

    1. >witty
      I must've missed those tweets, the only ones I've seen are self-absorbed and or bad attempts at humor

  3. Well, I think it's about time to start burning things. Lots of things. To the ground.

  4. Purple Smart is best waifu7 February 2014 at 02:56

    Well, we're fucked.
    That is, fucked with a giant diamond-edged dragon dildo that is 1m in length.

  5. Febrero se intesifica.

  6. Replies
    1. >LOL
      Please don't ever do that again.

  7. "The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world that Bieber wasn't Meghan's waifu."

    I for one look forward to the destruction of our world.