Mudpone Rarara Preview Clip

Are you fucking ready for some rarara mudpone action?

Because I am

[waifu stealing intensifies]

Head on below the break for the preview clip on the Hub's facebook page

This video from the official My Little Pony has Rarity gawking over the protagonist of this weeks episode, Trenderhoof, a hipster with crappy glasses, goatee, and probably has a crappy music blog that focuses on indie bands and Progressive Dream Funk. Trenderhoof though see's another local pon as the "apple of his eye" [huehuehue] and everything goes to hell in a handbasket from there.

Will Trenderhoof get it on? Will we see some hot 3 way action? Will we ever stop loosing all of our waifus?

Tune in next week to find out who steals your waifu this time! ;_;

Comments (10)

  1. He only wrote about Las Pegasus because he's on the payroll of Pegsy Siegel.

  2. i feel sorry for rarityfags, really.

    1. Spike's not even mad. He notices Twi looking at him like 'youre okay with this?!?!'

      Spike: "What? I told you Twilight, I'm fucking her sister, now! I ain't even mad..."

  3. This looks absolutely terrible. My dick will not be liking this

  4. If I were Meghan McCarthy, I'd be a raging alcoholic by Sunday, what with all the entitled bullshit that would hitting me on Saturday.

  5. Did she just say "Britain"?
    >Britain confirmed for real in MLP reality

    1. "travelled or written"
      I also misheard it as Britain at first though

  6. France was also confirmed.

  7. Why is Spike humming?
    Why is he in a suit?
    Why is Rarara also dressed up?

    Something is going on here...

  8. The Anons' Guide to getting Rarity to love you.
    1. Come from Britain
    2. Dress like a hipster
    3. ?????
    4. Know that you'll never have the opportunity to make White Diamonds white inside