Equestria Jukebox Alpha site released: The Return of Synchtube?

At this early stage, it's actually pretty cool
Equestria Jukebox is a pony themed video-sharing/showing/chatting site that is much akin to Synchtube of yore, only a lot more stylized with pony OC DJ's, a room showcase on the front page, and a lot more control in the hands of chat/video room owners.

The site's initial purpose as an alternate to the pony-creator is being fleshed out as an attempt at social media; allowing the alicorns of the ponyverse to show off their own wubstep Fluttershy tracks or slideshow PMV's.

Horse News has suggested some changes to the admins of the site to hopefully allow more freedoms and features to the site to make it more akin, and maybe even better than, Synchtube was back in the day. You can find the CapperGeneral and Rarifag rooms here. Easily, this could be an alternative to the twitch chat for a lot of people for the 4chan cup, a long-needed platform for moderated episode streams free of [s4s] funposters (we still love you idiots), and even a means of celebrating /mlp/'s 2nd birthday.

Viewer needs to be bigger, chat more optimized/made larger for more text to be shown.
My OC > Your OC
We at Horse News give Equestria Jukebox the best of luck.

Comments (7)

  1. " free of [s4s] funposters (we still love you idiots)," [s4s] and /mlp/ alliance is stronk

  2. [s4s] is kill and the worst possible form of cancer ever. GTFO.

    1. >not losing yourself for a good hour of funposting on [s4s]
      It's SUPPOSED to be cancer, just a place where anons can vent and let it all out. Genius, if you ask me.

  3. >moderated episode streams
    Joke's on you it already exist and has for years

  4. [s4s] will always you're friends, fellow figs :^)

  5. What kind of suggestions were sent to the admins? Anything that would make any anon prefer this over Instasynch which is the best synchtube clone so far?

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