Local Transspecies Brony reportedly “Deeply Offended” after being Misspecied

Nathaniel "Butterscotch Delight" Jenkins

Akron, OH – A local transspecies brony was reportedly “deeply offended” last evening at an area Wendy’s restaurant when he was allegedly “misspecied” by a restaurant employee.

Nathaniel “Butterscotch Delight” Jenkins claims when he walked up to the Wendy’s ordering station to order a Ciabatta Bacon Cheeseburger™, a staff employee greeted him saying “Hey, man, what’s can I order for ya?” Jenkins alleged that after he politely corrected the employee about his species identity being equine rather than human, the employee misspecied him again saying “Hey man, I didn’t quite understand that.”

“I was deeply offended the cashier dared to misidentify who I my real inner being was, especially after I had corrected him” stated Jenkins. “I am absolutely furious our cisspecies society of humantriarch scum insists on addressing each other by a species identification. I was so offended, I forgot to order extra mayonnaise on my burger.”

The Wendy’s restaurant has declined to comment on the incident.

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  1. I officially nominate this faggot as being less fun than Dawn.

  2. "Then he called me a Brony when I'm clearly a Horsefucker, When /mlp/ hears about this, they might just not call me a faggot for posting it."

  3. Oh lawl, what an autist.

  4. >Ohio
    Can someone please get these people out of my state

  5. I can't tell what's satire and what's real any more.

    1. That's how you know it's being done RIGHT.

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