Denver Bronies choke; /sp/ responds

For the majority of you who are either European or can't play sports, tonight was the night of the biggest anal blasting since FinalDraft's bar mitzvah. And /sp/ decided to get in on the fun, too.

Peyton Manning and his Bronies Broncos came all the way to New York's ass crack, New Jersey, and got absolutely destroyed. The aggressive and absolutely ruthless defense from the Grungeville Seahawks bent Denver's Offensive Line and Back field over their knees and punished them, while Peyton whiffed enough passes to get a record, but only one fucking touchdown. Mean while, the Seahawks either out ran or simply plowed through the mediocre Denver defense.

Accurate enough for an ESPN reporter tweet
After it was all said and done, Grungeville won 43-8, Peyton got a nasty tongue lashing from his daddy, and a bunch of African kids became Denver fans.

Oh and some guys on /sp/ decided they'd make an MLP thread

/sp/ showing shit taste
So the thread raged on, poking fun of /mlp/, inquiring how Denver could choke this bad, and even declaring best ponies. All of which were wrong because, come on, who the fuck would choose a shit tier villain, mary sue princess, or some diva stereotype worst pony. 

Everyone else>R. Basic shit 101
And so the fuel was added and the fire grew wilder. /sp/ and /mlp/, arm in arm, became total bros to discuss Ponies and the Broncos completely shitty play calling. What else could possibly happen? /b/ is too busy being useless, /co/ is beating off to Bob's Burgers, /v/ is doing...whatever the fuck /v/ does. It seems the joke can only go so fa-

Mah conspiracy
Damn it, /pol/. We watch technicolor ponies and even we think you're getting pathetic.

We here at Horse-News would like to remind our Eurofag readers that calling it "Handegg" has never been clever, nor does it stop it from being  3rd best sport.

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  1. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

  2. >that /pol/ thread
    it was magnificent, too bad it got shilled to shreds

  3. >can't even escape DUH BURRS on horse-news
    Fucking cancer.

  4. Fucking amerifags. Fucking hand egg. Kill yourselves.