Brony Believes he is literally Vinyl Scratch after listening to Dubstep

DJ RemixDash with two of his mother's The Bee Gees records

Austin, TX - An area brony now believes he is the embodiment of the fictional ‘My Little Pony’ DJ, Vinyl Scratch, after listening to four dubstep songs in a row.
“I totally dropped some epic wubs!”, claimed Paul “DJ RemixDash” Walker. “The buildup was coming and she was like ‘DROP THE BASS’ and my hands totally did the wikki-wikki-wikk thing in the air during the EPIC WUBS!”. Walker stated he was a fan of fandom electronic music acts such as Alex S, Omnipony, and Silva Hound. “Vinyl Scratch is best pony! I have three plushies of her! When the epic bass wubs dropped during the Alex S remix of ‘Luna’, I suddenly felt as if I became Vinyl Scratch myself.”
Shortly after his spiritual experience, Walker torrented Virtual DJ and recorded several remixes of his favorite songs, liberally applying effects and overlaying iconic brony quotes and uploaded them on his SoundCloud. 

"I'd like to think that some day, I could collaborate with folks like Archie, David Guetta, or even The Living Tombstone! I gotta keep practicing my bass-dropping skills though."

"I think in a month, I could be a DJ on Everfree Network! Maybe some day, I might shoot my bass cannon at Ministry of Sound, Ultra Music Festival, or the greatest most epic stage of all time, BronyCon's Bronypalooza"

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  1. I wish people would stop dropping instruments already, it's really expensive to replace.

  2. Wow. Sometimes I worry for some people.