Horse Beats Review #2

And to the second review of music that shouldn’t be good, is mostly never good but can sometimes be quite ok even if their subject matter is small pastel coloured ponies and is nearly always made by guys who are far too old for this. Shouldn’t they be working or something?

Song: Scootaloo’s Wings
Artist: JackleApp

Scootaloo. Everyone’s favourite flightless, parentless, orange filly. Even if because she’s the only flightless, parentless, orange filly that we know of (although the ’no parent’ thing seems to be a recurring thing with pegusi. Someone should definitely look into that). In this sombre song, JackleApp tries to seek the downtrodden mood that captures Scoots each time she tries to flap those crippled wings of hers and as always fails to leave the ground, and I daresay he’s done it quite well.

The song itself is a stripped down, bare boned acoustic piece. Aside from a few vocal harmonies here and there, the bells and whistles were left behind for this song, which benefits it greatly. Any unnecessarily added frills would've stripped away the bleak, forlorn atmosphere that this song seems to radiate. Although the song is not loud enough to be characterized as lo-fi, it has an undeniably grainy texture, which suits the folksy-esque vibe of this song.

JackleApps’s guitar work, although being nothing groundbreaking, is undoubtedly competent and nothing to be scoffed at. The melody he crafted for this song is strangely moving, melancholy yet at times almost uplifting and does not dwell on its own dreary atmosphere. The recording of the guitar as a feeling of immediacy, as If recorded in one take. There are imperfections and mistakes throughout the song, but these in no way are pitfalls and if anything add to the (I hate to use this word) authenticity of the song. It also contributes to the previously mentioned grainy texture that characterizes this song.

Vocally, JackleApp's voice has never quite sat right with me, never being able to quite reach the highs that his songs require, leading to him audibly struggling with some of his other pieces. However his voice is the perfect companion for the anguished mood that seems to drench every note. His deep, almost husky voice compliments the downbeat, sliding finger-picked chords that are present throughout. Although harmonies are present, they are dotted scarcely and subtlety throughout the piece meaning they are not overwhelming in their delivery. They are shaky in their deliver, but by being so add a much needed emotional punch that is lacking in JackleApp’s drab voice.

But one aspect where this song falls short is lyrically. An already done to death theme (Scootaloo cannot fly, Scootaloo looks at Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo is sad) is not helped by the overall simplicity of the ever rhyming (seriously, every fucking line rhymes) uninspired lyrics. There’s also this weird recording of a storm continuously playing in the background which nevermind being jarring, is completely unnecessary.

Despite these faults, it still remains a moving and definitely warrants a listen. Probably.
VERDICT: 7.7/10




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  1. Both reviews so far have been of 2-3 year old songs. Dive deeper into the autism for more recent shit.

  2. These reviews remind me of song from back when I joined this fucking shithole of a fandom.
    Amazing memories, thank you Horse News.