Last time on /mlp/

Yo, check out those mad editing skillz.

Like any other day, there was an IWTCIRD thread, which without a doubt lead to an endless post-shitstorm of shitposting, homoerotic invitations to bath houses and different opinions about whom to cum inside, such as…

And then we had this foogat.

Anons from all over the world looked down at this faglord whom oozed flammable faggotry to no end and had this to say.

Sadly, it did not end there.

Mr. Sodomite McFagson and his raging desire to be a faggot decided to continue with endless desire just to express such horrendously shameful statement:

You are fucking disgusting, Anon.

Threads after threads, posts after posts, the lovely Anons peacefully discuss who would be the lucky one to cum inside cyan, rainbow-colored miniature equine. Logically none of them could decide who was going to penetrate that fortress of layers of crust and scabs, so they chose the perfect match for her.
Soarin, one of the members of the Wonderbolts, mostly known for penetrating the delicious crusts of pies of any sort, was the one for the job to penetrate Ranbo Dosh’s crusty insides.

She later found out, but no one cared. Still got raped.
Those quads tho.

You would think everything up in /mlp/ was going to be all like cum inside rainbows and shit, but you are wrong. You are dead wrong. The equivalent of an unexpected terrorist attack in a Russian train station popped up from out of nowhere. The responsible of this attack? Just look for yourself. Just look at that monster with no mother. This picture was taken on scene along with the victims.
Rip in peace, Trix Fruitilicious Swirls and Chocolate Milk Jr.

Fuck you, Twilight. Fuck you.

 Fuck you.

And then we had this bullshit, but that’s another story for another day.

Good night! 

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  1. What if Alicorn Rarity is your waifu?

    Checkmate, atheists!

  2. Hey. M.A. Larson. RULES 1 AND 2, FAGGOT!

    1. Epin Fite Klab may may XD!! +1 upboat 4 U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!