Finalized /mlp/ Roster for the 2014 4chan Winter Cup

Large-breasted chicks dig libertarian ponies. Nice.

After a small discussion with /mlp/ team managers ShadowTester and Background Pony, Horse News has received confirmation that Test Anon has locked in our roster for the Winter Cup. Some players got the boot, others got promoted, and some new faces on the team are ready to help take us beat the shibe out of /wg/, remind /toy/ who's got the touch, and face the wrath of Stormfront. Find more below!

Four total players have been retired from the team, joining the likes of Fluffy Pony in hall of veterans. Liquid Pride, >muh job, I Don't Get The Appeal, and Cease & Desist. We thank these players for their service and send them off with full applause.

Entering the ring are new players DYEWTS (Do You Even Watch The Show?), Don't Believe Her Lies, Twilicane, and Hate & Penetrate. I have only three words for these new players, don't fuck up best of luck!

In addition, Captain Best Pony has been granted Gold Medal status (she has 99's across the board in stats) while Alicorn Twilight has calmed her shitstorm and been made a Silver Medal (88's in stats).

A reminder that the Winter Cup begins on Friday, February 14th at 12pm EST, with /mlp/'s first match against /pol/ (HABBENING) the day after.

Horse News will be covering ALL cup activity in the weeks to come, so all you /y/, /an/, /int/, and /a/ fans can see your favorite teams still get the spotlight here.

What's more, a new poll! Who would you like to have seen in the roster?

Also the results of last poll:
Outside our already-established Alicorn Princess, Applejack has been decided as a next-best alternative. To be fair, she has been a pretty consistent and well-meaning character compared to Pinkie Pie's nonsensical screaming and the other three's pension to be assholes.

Comments (5)

  1. Vote 4 Coco Pommel.

  2. Shit, does that mean that Meghan needs a scarf now, too?

  3. "ready to help take us beat the shibe out of /wg/, remind /toy/ who's got the touch, and face the wrath of Stormfront."

    And remind Ken that he can talk as much shit as he'd like, but he's not getting off of the ride.

  4. >No 'none of them' option
    Why is /mlp/ so shit at making polls? Also Best Pony has always been a gold player.

  5. >tfw no /pol/ vs. /mlp/ happening...