Horse News Twitter is Back! Important Coverage updates

Less than 1 month ago, Horse-News came into being. With a steady stream of content and enthusiastic writers, everything seemed to be going well. Until everything changed when the fire nation attacked Twitter-bots suspended our account. Very little reason for this sudden punishment was given, and it was clear that the account wasn't coming back anytime soon. To fill the gap, the Temporary Account was created. It became much less temporary than we would have liked. During this time, many pointed out that our jokes and content seemed to slow down. It did. But with good reason. During the nearly 2-week long suspension, we were trying to discover what had triggered the suspension, and some clues were that too many links were being posted, or being flagged.The truth, however is far more ridiculous.
Yesterday evening we finally received messages from Twitter outlining why the account was shut down.
And in a turn of events that no-one saw coming, we were likely victims of the EFN mass-bot-following.
Our account, being new, full of links, rapidly following plenty of other accounts, and tweeting ABOUT accounts with fake-followers, were piles of red-flags to the twitter bots. It assumed WE were one of the fake accounts, and basically refused to negotiate with us until we could prove we were not. But, not knowing ANY of this at the time, the temporary account slowed down its posting habits by about 50%, to avoid another blackout. We should be returning to close-to-full strength soon, as we await our main-account to return to normalcy (whatever the hell that is).

But this still leaves the question of "What do we do with the temporary account?" Surely there are people there who weren't around to follow the original who may still (for reasons we can't identify) want to read our stuff, so we definitely can't outright delete it, but we also can't have 2 redundant twitter accounts (apparently that's ANOTHER red-flag). What are we going to do with it? Well, we're still working that out. Currently we're going to revert all the "news" back to the main account and try to get as many of you as possible to switch over to the main @HorseNewsMLP account, while we work on the other. In the meantime, it will be "stories from the Horse-News Newsroom, starring Newsie".

Thanks for staying with us through the black-out, let's hope this doesn't happen again.

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