Daring Do Novel Collection Announced

No cover available; closest to related we have
Funnily enough, these won't include >rape. Go figure. Over Twitter, G.M. Berrow, author of the FiM novels, just announced "My Little Pony: The Daring Do Adventure Collection", a hardcover novel that we at Horse News are getting VERY hype over.

The Amazon page promises three all-new novels based on the recolored-Rainbow Dash rascal, all packed in a treasure chest-shaped box also containing "a golden idol of Daring Do herself".

Well shit. Considering the $60 price tag, it might run a bit high for the standard anon, but for this merch collector, it's sounding pretty god-damn sweet.

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  1. Since the value of gold is rising, I'd advise you to stock up on these before they sell out.

    1. My source is Pawn Stars by the way, so correct me if I'm wrong.

  2. Quiet Desperation3 February 2014 at 23:29

    I'd rather have a Daribg Do spinoff series with Trixie as her eager but bumbling sidekick.

    Also starring Gilda The Griffen as Daring's adventure adversary.

    You cannot deny the awesomeness of this concept.

  3. The writer is a complete hack though, every single book she's written is a disaster

  4. Well sheeeeeeeeeeit.
    Time to raid the ol' bank account.