My Little Musical

You thought Equestria Girls 2: Electric Scootaloo would be the craziest thing you heard today?  Think again.

Bronies: The Musical has just been announced by Hollywood Fringe on their site.

The musical comes from the creative team behind The Real Housekeepers of Studio City and will revolve around a group of three friends, presumably lovers of polychromatic miniature equines, who have a touching journey together revolving around their mutual love of the show.

The show will open in June as part of Hollywood Fringe's HFF event.

This may seem like a ruse.
Until you look into the group's previous work:

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  1. You forgot to mention that the movie is tagged under "gay".

  2. THIS

  3. Hiya, Horse News team and MLP fans! I'm Heidi, producer/lyricist of Bronies: The Musical. I love that you found us so quickly!

    Our show is, indeed, tagged as "gay" - it includes a gay character, and it is LGBT-friendly. (It's tagged as several other things, including "puppets" and "bullying.") It's a comedy, but it's really a love letter to the experience of fandom, and the way that the love of pop culture brings unexpected communities together. We've found this to be true throughout our lives beyond MLP - from Buffy the Vampire Slayer to Phish Phans, to musical theater itself.

    We'll be in touch with Horse News with more details as the production progresses!

    1. We're sorry but we're not exactly the people that support this, around these parts of the fandom it's standard to hate it. In fact, if your musical poked fun on bronies and called them out on being as retarded as they are, it would be very positively received here. Good luck regardless, at least you seem to be putting effort into it, something very uncommon.

    2. Bronies are a disgrace to this fandom due to they being shut ins, being completely unattractive, taking the show and everything about the fandom WAY WAAAAAY too far, and generally behave very badly in public. And you wanna do a musical about things that POSITIVE about them? Are you fucking kidding me? The REAL fans of the show, who can appreciate MLP: FiM without being retarded, autistic or behaving like a giant faggot wanted NOTHING to do with this group. So we broke away from the bronies, no longer calling ourselves bronies, but horsefuckers.

      Final Draft, Black Gryph0n, Purple Tweaker, Pinkiepony, DustyKat, OsakaJack, etc., are just examples of why most of us hate this godforsaken fandom so much, and almost what made some of us give up on this fucking fandom altogether.


  4. Heidi - email me at we'd love to get some more info

  5. That's cool, various anonymi - we're not here to dent your jam. By all means, ignore us if we're not for you - we're just a small musical at a theater festival! I do think our musical is about something different than you're describing, though, and we'll keep pouring love and creativity into it, regardless.