Big Mouthintosh


Now how great does this sound? Sticking things inside of a hole that things should not go into? Well with this recent trend you get to experience it.

Recently, anons all over /mlp/ gathered round to, well basically, stick things in Big Mac's mouth. Throughout the day anon's took to photoshop to put many, many things inside of the red horse's cranial orifice. Surprisingly, the first thing inside of his mouth were NOT phalic! What a shock.

  Why would you not want to experience this awe of pure creative genious? This is the best idea we have ever had (besides showering Mama Faust in liqour and trinkets of course). All this shit basically consists of Big Mac with his mouth agape, wearing a full expression, and things going inside of said mouth.

Now to my surprise it took quite a few posts to start getting more lewd. Instead /mlp/ chose to depict him eating things. Obviously by that I don't mean eating horse vagina or stallion cock... Oh wait.

But anyway, I mean more along the lines of relatives. Like this piece, 'Incest of the Mouth'.
what did you expect? A penis?

This one shows Big Mac enjoying a nice marshmallow ponut hole.

While exploitables are a very easy thing to come across in the show, this one is easily one of the best, but as usual with most things in the internet, it will probably last way too long and dry itself out like Granny Smith's vagina.

Comments (2)

  1. can't wait for this shit to die already

    I should post it on reddit to accelerate its death

  2. I'm actually not to taken with this one. It doesn't have nearly the same situational interpretation as Twilight Scepter, especially with such an up-close shot to work with.
    People will stick the basics in there, we'll say "eeyup," and everyone will just move on.