Chatty Draft May May

Yesterday, Everfree Network staff posted a pair of photos to twitter, featuring Final Draft spouting some of his normal shit in nearly illegible dry-erase marker on a word bubble whiteboard. How they ever thought anything good could ever come of this defies reason. But the response was everything you would ever hope or dream.

The first thing you should know about the internet is to never make yourself  exploitable voluntarily. When you do, this sort of thing happens. Introducing to you the latest image macro "Chatty Draft".

Chatty Draft! Chatty Draft! Your best chatty professional friend! Pull his string, he talks you down! Scowls at you, with a big fat frown! His voice is dull and monotone! He snarfles awkwardly into the microphone! Chatty Draft! Chatty Draft! From Hasbro.

In the event you do NOT heed warnings and proceed to make yourself exploitable, hopefully you learn your lesson early and don't do it again. It would take some special kind of obliviousness or self-loathing to do something like that...
... well nevermind then. Oh who are we kidding, nobody was surprised. There was only one logical conclusion for this pose.

The board was even so gracious as to provide this cutout for people to make their own!
Which they did. 
Derpibooru sure seemed to like it.

Oh did they ever.

In a completely unrelated story, a man pictured sitting in a limousine with his top, posted on /biz/ seeking financial and business advice for his "failing media organization".
The unidentified man who claims to be very "professional", and having had been awarded an exclusive contract for "just under 10 grand" by a convention, received plenty of good business advice to help save his sinking ship of an enterprise. Such insights as "You service is shit" and "sucking dick for money on the side", may prove to be exactly the fix that this unknown entrepreneur needs to get back on track.

The /biz/nitches, despite being less than a week old, are incredibly helpful and insightful, even providing ways to make something so intensely technical and highly costly as "streaming video", profitable.

Bonus Nightmare fuel for the people who don't understand the reference.

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  1. Lols. I'd be curious to see if the /biz/ poster was indeed Final Faggot.

  2. >this is not an appropriate venue
    I choked on my Mountain Dew

  3. I love horse news