Happy Presidents Day

My Little Pony - Bill Clinton

We here at Horse News would like to say happy presidents day. Since it was a federal holiday, many of our staff members, including myself, decided to take the day off from mingling about the water cooler to kick back have some fun, and do absolutely fuck all amount of work. Instead of the usual banter about how much slander we can get away with in an article, and gossip about drama over at other pony sites, we sat back, kicked off our shoes and enjoyed an extended weekend.

We shared some pictures in between lounging

Did some silly things

Had some deep heartwarming talks

But most of all, we at Horse News did the most important and 
American thing there is to do on Presidents day and that is...


So comment below if you have any interesting stories or events from your day off...

And remember...

If you worked today...

You're a dirty pinko commie that needs to fuck off back to Russia.

Good day to you and may we honor our presidents of old with hours of lethargy and mulling about.

Accurate representation of Horse News' political affiliations

Comments (4)

  1. I did nothing all day, now I'll be up till 6 in the morning doing homework.

    Damn I love being a patriot.

  2. I spent the day building a computer, playing with my gerbils and fapping to ponies. A day well spent.

  3. Fuck I gess I'm a pinco commie!!

  4. You deserved 9/11 :^)