Why Seth Hasn't Gone To Bed

Perhaps it is because of his labor-filled job of running a horse blog, or maybe it has to do with this blue horse here. Regardless, the answer as to why Seth has never gone to bed has eluded researchers for years.

It's a mystery, possibly something akin to the seven wonders of the world. 

"We don't know," Anon, manager of the popular Gay Bath House, shrugs. "Sometimes we question if there even is a bed in his room. We just simply don't know, or ever will."

Witnesses throughout the years have seen Sethisto up as late as 3am, and as early as when the sun rises while still being active throughout the day.

"It's physically impossible for a human being to stay up that long for years on end," head scientist Anon told us. He leaned forward a bit and whispered to us, as though he didn't want his colleagues hearing, "The only logical conclusions we come to is either drugs, communism, or that he's not human at all."

Attempts of donating beds, mattresses and pillows have been met with glares, paranormal events (such as random wormholes to other dimensions opening up), and other cryptic responses (several of our employees have reported to spontaneously start having lewd dreams of Trixie, despite not liking the pony) from Sethisto himself. Perhaps it is simply not our position to question his ways, but we can all agree that, sooner or later, Sethisto must go to bed.

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