Update: Amateur art project going...just terribly.

"Oh god why - 2014"-OP
In what art critics everywhere only describe as "an absolute fucking trainwreck", a fan artist's ongoing painting project is progressing "just awfully". The "artist", a man with so little experience that his title requires quotation marks, was attempting to create a piece to donate for an upcoming charity event at a convention. The piece, titled "Oh god why" features what sort of looks like Tracy...or maybe it's Trixie...and some dude chick in a fedora.

Numerous Anonymous peers have reviewed the piece over the last month, giving such thoughtful reviews as "It's so bad it's hilariously good", and "Did you paint this with your dick?"

When asked what his inspiration was to create such an ill-fated masterpiece, the artist responded with "Crystal Palace Vodka". When asked if the Crystal Palace was an allusion to the Crystal Empire from last season, he replied; "No not really, it was on-clearance". The acrylic-on-canvas technique used is reminiscent of the late "2nd-Grade Finger Paint" period, of the mid 1990's.

The artist attended the school of "Has clearly never held a fucking brush before" in the alley behind the local 7-11. Despite his many critics the artist plans to push forward with his work completing it "whenever I get bored with it."

As of press-time, this image has been favorited over 1300 times on DeviantArt.

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