MLP CCG. Part 1. Introductory

Sometime late 2013, an evil toyline corporation, owner of the My Little Pony franchise, Hasbro, realizing potential untapped sheckels, released information regarding a trading card game centered around the successful show reboot of My Little Pony. Much of the unexpected adult male fans, also known as Brownies, feared that the game would be a total rip-off of popular already existing more established trading card games on the market. Many still, worried the game would not be up to par considering Hasbro's track record of merchandise of dubious quality. Still, a sufficient number of followers kept fingers crossed in hopes of the game would not tantamount to total horse manure akin to Final Draft with feces as to Midas with gold.

Presently, the trading card game is, according to local Anons interviewed, is surprisingly complex and interesting for something based around a cartoon show for little girls. To elaborate, Anons who have experience in other card games, such as  Magic: the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon trading card game, among other things. Interviewees agree the learning curve is somewhere between M:tG and Pokemon, landing along the lines of Yu-Gi-Oh. However, one particular Anon brings up an interesting point how the game mimics Warmachine themed card game, "High Command" stating much of the rules of gameplay are the same. 

Nonetheless, a thriving, although currently minute, playerbase is slowly forming around the card game. New players should note that the price ranges are on the moderate side. A rough estimate for a decent deck would around $40 or so. Do note that a few Anons have stated that the acquisition of pre-made decks are a bit more difficult to come by. Be forewarned that the CCG is mostly distributed in the USA, as one depressed Ausfag has has pointed out.

Now that the formalities are out of the way. I'm here to do my best and teach you fags how to play the game. Tune in for the next portion of the article.

Comments (2)

  1. I wouldn't mind playing this. All id need is someone to play it with. Oh and the cards of course.

  2. An actually good deck from the perspective of an MTG, High Ranking Yugioh and Cardfight Vanguard player costs more along the lines of $60+. The main reason is that a deck like Rainbow Dash + Anypony requires Two Bits and a good Villain. This being Ahizotle or Nightmare Moon. Nightmare Moon (promo) costs 200 easy while the UR version released in the first set still costs $35. As for the actual gameplay of the game it is very similar to Warhammer's card game and in fact similar to cardfight vanguard without the standing and draw triggers. As for competitive play there are many yugioh players that took their youtube channels like myself and made them into multi-card game channels. I did exclusively yugioh for a very long time and recently changed it over to yugioh and then posting MLP CCG trade binders and soon I will be doing a deck profile here and there to further myself as a player in the community with these two card games.