Claire M. Corlett Tweets: A Collaboration with JanAnimations *UPDATED*

The sacred barrier of show vs. fandom has been shattered.

By Jim and Scoots, HN. Sunday, Jan. 19

Recent posts on twitter by Claire M. Corlett, aka Sweetie Belle's voice actor, show that a collaboration between her and fan animator JanAnimations is currently in the works.

Claire has announced that she will be writing a script for JanAnimation's next video. The problem is, the voice actors of MLP have signed an NDA agreement that refuses them to use their voices or skills anywhere outside of the show. It's officially off limits. It is also unknown whether or not Claire possesses any writing talent whatsoever.

Despite the collab, Claire can't use Sweetie's voice. She is either going against her contract, or will be using an original voice, which seems highly unlikely. She could get into some legal trouble if her voice is used.

JanAnimation's most recent popular work is the "Button Mash" series. In this series, Button Mash is commonly paired Sweetie Belle. It is highly possible that Jan would like to include Sweetie Belle's voice in his series, but that is legally unfeasible. It is possible to work around this by signing a deal with Hasbro, the owner of the rights to the voice, but it may be easier to avoid Hasbro all together and forget about using a show cannon voice.

Comments by other users noted the possibility for an impending shitstorm by stating, "You might not want [certain] people to know you're working with fans." It is noted that Claire is very new to the twitter-verse and may not know that the entire world can see her tweets to collaborators. It may be that many people would like to keep this collaboration under wraps, but we at Horse News pride ourselves with the utmost respect for journalistic integrity, and wherever there is news, we are sure to follow.


Shortly after the tweets were sent, Claire Corlett's father Ian James Corlett, Claire's father, send out a tweet confirming not only her involvement in the project, but also showing the fact that she has been given permission to do so.
Big thanks to Equestria Daily for the picture :^)
This can only mean one thing.
It's not porn.
No MLP Critic required, the project's already shit/10

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  1. Jan: here are the changes i made to the script.
    Claire: what changes?
    Jan: this flows a lot better trust me.
    Claire: Ok let me see.... devouring every last dro... IM NOT READING THIS!
    Jan: eh its ok, thats all i needed.
    Claire: what?

  2. Fuck, Jan is sure getting orgasms for this

  3. I'm betting my sock off Jan blackmailed Hasbro into providing voice actors whenever he requires them.