At the Height of the Fandom

Well, after saturday's episode, it seems like Twilight Sparkle is growing more and more.
We all knew that this time was coming, and Twifags have been denying it since the Season 3 finale.

Speaking of the worst finale Season 3 finale, let's go back to the first comparison of Alicorn Twilight.
Oddly enough, Rainbow is usually the comparison pony

Now, we may just be jumping to conclusions, but her slow and gradual growth since her alicornification might just mean she'll be Celestia's height soon enough. (Or at least Cadence's)

Could you imagine how much stress the animators are in?
My sides are already taking of thinking about how the conversation went down between Meghan and DHX.
"Guys we need Twilight to be a full sized alicorn before Season 5"
"Oh and make sure the viewer doesn't know, we're not doing something that transitions her, make her grow gradually"
(Job quitting intensifies)

The only thing necessarily bad about this is the fact that the bigger and taller she gets, the more and more disconnected she'll get from her friends.

Which in itself, can't be made amends until they all become alicorns.

Oh dear

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  1. YES! All bow before Pinkamena, Alicorn Princess of CHAOS!
    Mouhahahaha! >:D

  2. Her ass looks fatter just like Celestias royal flank and why is she sitting like a cat?

  3. She's sitting like a cat because in season 6, all ponies will be revealed to be cats all along. #SawThisWhenIInternedAtDHX

  4. It's simple dumbass, look where the hair and wings intersect. they grew her a bit to make those work better together.

    And even if its due to being an alicorn, Who cares. they handle so much on this show well enough. If they were told to do the alicorn thing, I'm sure they will handle it in a non terribad way.

    Keep fishing.

  5. Or maybe it's because they had to recreate her entire character model and realized it looked awkward next to the others so they just decided to keep her subtly taller. I doubt that she's actually gaining height throughout the season.

  6. I should've invested in twilight when she still was small, I could be so rich by now.

    1. The train's leaving on Horsecoin

  7. Twilight isn't steadily growing, instead her size is very inconsistent. Just in RF there are shots where she's almost the same size as her friends and in others she's way taller, Luna-height even. What you can deduct from this is that animation in S4 is all over the place and they don't know what the fuck they're doing.

  8. Why not use the other picture with Fluttershy ( on the left? I get that your pic looks better, but people ignore that it's just perspective that makes her look larger than her slightly larger self. Here's a pic showing her normal size sans perspective shift in the same episode. (

    Obviously you'll have to find more appropriate sizes for those pics, but I'm just proving a point here.

  9. Do you even perspective?