M.A. Larson Receives 4chan Cup Scarf

After a very long time en-transit, M.A. Larson's neck is no longer bare. He has received his very own 4chan Cup Team Scarf. To our knowledge this marks the first time that a real-live person whom a player is based upon has received official merch from a board. Larson first became aware of the 4chan cup back in Summer when he was tweeted a picture of the player based on him. He thought the character design was terrifying at first, but seemed enthused nonetheless due to his digital doppelganger's athleticism.

It was later decided that Larson should be able to bear the crest with honor, and despite his understandable apprehensions to receiving a gift from the board in the mail, he finally has one of the fine pieces thanks entirely to Scarfanon, seen here drowning in his own hype.

The 4chan Winter Cup begins on February 14, hopefully we receive a pic for more HYPE purposes before then. For a full listing of game times, visit the calendar on the right side of the page.

Comments (3)

  1. I'm going to love this news service oh so very much.

  2. Giddy Up mother Fuckers!
    This February's gonna be such a welcome site with all this wonderful shite going on

  3. Nice shot guys, I'm so happy I got mine in the first batch!