Sabrina Fuels Shitstorm Fires, Just to Douse it Moments Afterwards

At about 6:30 EST today, Betty Spaghetti Sabrina Alberghetti tweeted a close up image of...something.
Speculations swirled around the image, as fans tried to discern whether it was human or pony in nature. Generally, it was assumed that the clothing seen in the image was a skirt of some kind, akin to the skirts worn by EVERYONE in Equestria Girls.

Source: 4chan
Shown here is a rough illustration of how such a frame may line up on a human body in motion. Adding to the theory that the image may be indicative of a human as opposed to a pony, is a previous tweet by Daniel Ingram, where he offhandedly mentions "EG1". Many are led to believe that you would not refer to a movie as "1" unless there was subsequently a "2" (or if you're Microsoft, that there was at least 2 before it").

However, many are not so sure, as this frame was intentionally vague enough to be just about anything. Shown here is a comparison of the image to one of Derpy's legs.

But, in the end, it was Sabrina fueling our shitstorm fire to see how angry we could get at something that isn't even MLP related.
Keep in mind this chick seriously loves to stir shit.

Remember the tweet she made about the people talking about her on 4chan? Seriously, the writers are poking the bear that is the fandom, and I'm sure they really don't want to know what will happen if the bear wakes up.

(There's already porn of your OC, Scrubsy. The more popular you become, the more artists get motivated.)

Comments (3)

  1. plot twist: she enjoys the porn and wants more.

  2. I love how some other website reported this as some sort of actual EG2 reference just as I saw the /mlp/ thread.

    Then the actual pic is released and it's not even Sibsy work-related.

    She got a lot of folk good with that one.