The /mlp/ central resource page.

A color for every pony; a general for every fetish
A collection of /mlp/'s resources compiled in one easy access page because you're too damn lazy. You can find the actual threads themselves on /mlp/ or, unless stated, mlpchan - /anon. You have to find them yourselves though. Lrn2ctlg, fgt.

/mlp/ Flashdev/game.

/mlp/'s 'talents' working an all things Flash, games or otherwise. If it's flash, it's here. Please note that this is not tech support. Take your ''how do I animate pone?'' elsewhere.

-Thread Archive for Doom /mlp/.wad ideas
Draw Threads.

Threads that focus on, what else, drawing, specifically of the Pone variety. Mark requests with ‘/r/’ in the subject field, ‘/ic/’ for critiques. And as always, be patient with your /r/equests, you entitled little shit.

-Everything you need to know
-Drawing tutorials: 
  -Inking and Coloring in Photoshop 
  -/ic/ Drawing Guide 
  -/ic/ Resources 
  -GIMP (open source Photoshop Alternative) 
  -FireAlpaca (Paint Tool SAI Alternative) 
-/mlp/ Draw Stream 
-IRC Channel/chat 
  - #/mlp/drawthread 
  - Server info: 
-Dropbox Archive 
-Tumblr     >inb4 social justice 
Drawfagship Improvement 

A spin-off to the Draw Threads. It's main purpose is is basically to give critiques, help people to draw better and call everything shit. Mostly the last part.

-Good references/knowledge about drawing
-Giving/Getting critique:
  -1 -2 -3
-/ic/ Drawing guides and resources:
  -1 -2

T:EM/P/O is an acronym that stands for "Thread: Equestrian/Musicians/Poets/Other. Basically all your pony snooty artsy faggotry goes here. Discuss and get critiques on your pony "art" here. You can also criticize others if your idea of criticism is calling everything you don't like a shit. 

-You can find the current Music Theory lessons here 
-Soundcloud Group 
-The T:EM/P/O Show with Wootmaster: 
  -Catch the T:EM/P/O radio show throughout the week 
  -Tuesdays and Saturdays, 8 PM - 11 EST 
/mlp/ CCG

For the discussion of Enterplay's new My Little Pony Collectible Card GameFeel free to flip the table if you are losing.

-Card lists and texts: 
  -1 -2 -3 
-Learn how to play:
  -1 -2 
-Play MLPCCG Online 
Anon in Equestria

Greentext stories about your favorite faceless green protagonist and his joyous shenanigans in the equine world we all know and love. Expect >rape. Lots of it.

-Active list 
-Master list
-Completed Stories list
-Stories sorted by Pony
-Thread archives up to Thread 352
-Thread archive, 353 and up
-Forum     >using a forum 
-IRC Channel/chat 

Ponies in Earth

It's really just the opposite version of AiE. Basically, take a pony and put it in Earth.

-PiE Author List
-PiE Archive
-Ideas and Requests
-Recommended stories for new readers
-PiE Skype group
-Rules of Writing Guide
-Tutorial above Grammar
Operators in Equestria

It's Anon in Equestria but with guns and tacticool expertise.

-First things first, get your loadout.
-When you're done, read up on the Operator's Handbook.
-Overall Pastebin
-IRC chat, #OiE on server or Link

Unlike what the name implies, this isn't about >raping Fluttershy. It's mostly the opposite. It's light-hearted stories about Fluttershy attempting to get in your pants with hilarious results.

-Collection of most stories of the regular writefags 
-Ideas and requests 
-Cellist Octavia wrote a useful script that alerts you when certain pastebins are updated. 
-Writing Guides: 
  -1 -2 
Fall Out Equestria

A stories pertaining to colorful candy-colored cartoon horses in the post apocalyptic radioactive wasteland world of Fallout. Don't ask me why, it just is.

-The original, read it first.
-EqD side-story compilation post
-Side Story Compilation Post and Progress Tracker:
  -1 -2
-PnP Collaboration Document 
-Smut pastebin              >you know you want this
-Tales of a Junk Town Pony Peddler

Milky Way General 
>Situated at, fuck you scruffy

It's all about Milky, that OC pony with a big heart. When you see her, be sure to pay attention to her gigantic smile to go along with tremendous personality. Also her tits are big.

-Thread Archive
-Tumblr               >muh preevelaige
-Related Tumblrs:
  -1 -2 -3 -4

>Situated at, fuck you scruffy

What's a tulpa? It's a bit hard to say really. The closest resemblance would be an imaginary friend. Except you can touch him/her. Your mind can. I mean you can feel him/her like a regular object. But only to you. Others think you're some kind of psychotic freak. There's supposedly instructions on how to make one below.

-FAQ (read first)
-Main site:
-Ancient threads archive: tulpae.(teekay)
-Tulpa Guide Master List
Fluffy Pony
>Situated at, fuck you scruffy 

Fluffy ponies are what you'd expect, ponies that are fluffy. Also people seem to want to torture and kill them because, hey it's the internet. Expect gore and bloodshed.

-Other boorus:
  -1 -2 -3
-1 -2
-1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7 -8 -9 -10 -11 -12 -13 -14 -15 -16 -17 -18 -19
-The Fluffcast
Browser Ponies

Stories about your web browsers as ponies. Considering I've seen airplane ponies and even porn of it, I'm not really surprised at this point. Also Chrome is best pony, screw your bot net.

-Thread picture dropbox
-Pictures and stories on Google Disk:
-Frequent Contributor List
Bat Ponies

Stories about ponies that are, coincidentally, bats too. It's those pones on the show that appeared with Luna.

-Writers pastebin and link inside for trusted tripcodes        >tripfaggotry 
-Story Archive (Cloud) 
-Image Archive (Cloud) 
-Thread Archives (broken) 
-Working archive, but without pictures in full res 
-Steam Group 
-IRC for off-topic shitposting: 
  -Channel: #bat 
Moth Ponies

Stories about ponies that are, coincidentally, moths too. Honestly, I have no idea how these started and what depraved fetish is responsible for this. But it's here anyway.


-General Pastebin 
-Funny Valentine's Pastebin 
-Moth Gallery 
-Skype group: Kilbraght 
Satyr Abomination

You finally did it. You fucked a pony and got her pregnant. Turns out if you mix human sperm and pony egg cells you get satyrs. Look, just go with it alright? This mostly focuses on familial stories about your satyr offsprings.

-Skype: pony_butts
The Bradical Adventures in Canterlot High: Normal Norman and Friends

It started out with Normal Norman, a background character in Equestria Girls that looks quite normal, which is a lot considering how the people there look godawful with their unnatural skin tones. Others has joined the cast since then. Mostly contains stories about their everyday lives.

EqG Fingerbang

Now, you too can live your fantasies of doing pretty lewd things to the females of Equestria Girls. The unnatural skin tone only serves to make the appeal more kinky.

-Verified tripcodes           >such tripfaggotry
  -Channel: #eqgfb

Stories involving the pones as your personal maids, humanized or otherwise. Because, hey, you'll never be able to live in a mansion with cute girls servicing you in real life anyway.

The only fucking resource:
PS. I promise I will finish "That one weird maid.", maidbros. RIP in peace. ;_;
Aw shit Nigga, you's in Ponyville

A choose your own adventure draw thread starring you! Yes, you! In ponyville. Best answers would be chosen so be creative in your faggotry.

-Episode Archive pastebin.
Pony Transformation

Admit it, you want to be a pony. If you don't, why the fuck are you even here.? This is for all your dreams of turning into one. Keep dreaming, buddy.

-Story archive and additional links and materials.
-IRC: #ptfg on
Fat Ponies

Don't worry, I don't judge.

The only fucking resource:

Still not judging. Nope. Nosiree.

  -1 -2 -3
-Main pastebin
Pony's Quest

It's another choose your own adventure, powered by MS Paint and democracy. There's also a pretty strict set of rules to this, I guess, so here they are:
1. I won't do anything pertaining to a few specific categories, most notably porn.
2. Die and the game ends until tomorrow.
3. Keep your character consistent (e.g., don't have one of the mane six suddenly go on a killing spree if they've been acting normal thus far in the game).
4. If an option gets 6 votes, it automatically becomes the command for that round (We've actually had pissing contests go as high as 14:14.).
5. Please try to keep the shitposting to a minimum. Any stupid, pointless, and/or clearly suicidal votes will be ignored.

-Title Music

It's about hypnosis and ponies along with a few lamias mixed in. Sometimes I question the boundaries on how strange /mlp/ fetishes can get.

-Main pastebin
-Art 2

It's all wincest here, folks. Sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, cousins, grandparents, you name it. Freud would be proud.

-Central Pastebin
-Other Pastebins:
  -1 -2 -3 -4 -5
/mlp/ Youtube Channel

The youtube channel for /mlp/ by /mlp/ through /mlp/ within /mlp/. Quality is a bit dubious. This is also where Horse News hosts our videos Not anymore. Run by our resident jew, Fimphiliacs.

The only fucking resource:

Will add the following once an actual centralized link has been established:

-My massive pony
-Noctis and his self insert fic
-Colt cuddlers
-4 cannon
-Ass worship
-Foot fetish
-Princess Applejack
-Pony Tickling
I don't think MLPG and Nightly Drunk Thread have actual resources. Same goes for Ya Es Hora.

Special mention to Femto. I'll add it once I actually understand what the hell it is. 
Another one to Piracy General. I'll have to read up first on the whole piracy thing.

Why the fuck do we have so many generals?!

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