Dragons to Sue Equestria Games for Unlawful Discrimination

The Equestria Games: Friendly competition or burning symbol of hatred?
An interest group representing the rights of the dragon race has filed suit against the Equestria Games’ selection committee for failing to include any representation of dragons in their events.

“Not a single dragon team was invited to try out for any events in the Equestria Games,” states one of the group’s lawyers.  “This is in clear violation of the Equestrian Civil Rights Act and we are incredibly upset that this kind of discrimination is still widespread in today’s society.”

This is the latest development in a recent spree of hate crimes against the dragon community, starting off with three ponies assaulting a group of dragons as they attempted to hunt for food.

“We were just chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool and looking for some phoenix eggs outside of the school,” recalled one of the victims.  “When a couple of ponies who were up to no good started making trouble in our neighborhood!”
Photographic evidence of dragons being assaulted and victimized
Mrs. Harshwhinny, Chief Inspector for the Equestria Games, believes that the dragons’ lawsuit is unfounded.

“I swear we sent their invitations in the mail,” Harshwhinny claims.  “The packet we sent should have given them all information about where and when to show up for qualifications.”

"I just don't know what went wrong!"
The dragons, however, are not buying it.

“Ponies have been doing nothing but make a mockery of our culture lately,” says one dragon.  “The way they depict us in their media is just sickening.”
An example of culturally-insensitive depictions of dragons in pony society
Many Equestrian citizens, however, are glad that the dragons will not be participating in the Games.

“It just ain’t fair,” says one pony with a distinctly southern twang.  “Them dragons have natural advantages that make them downright better in sports competitions and such.

"Lettin’ them dragons compete is just a step in the wrong direction.  Next thing ya know, they’ll be letting niggers compete too.”

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  2. Oh wow, that punchline.

  3. It's like they WANT Zebras to ruin our games.

  4. It's not unlawful discrimination...

    ...according to Equestrian law, written by ponies, the discrimination is perfectly lawful and legal.

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