Poll Results: R8/H8/B8 Pinkie Apple Pie out of 5.

The votes are in, and it seems that the majority of voters found the episode favourable. Exactly 40% of the voters rated the episode a decent 4/5, and another 28% rated 5/5. A notable success for our favourite Pink horse and Apple horse.

And now, a new poll is up! Help us decide what to name our news Anchor for Horse News; shall we revert back to Faget Faggotson, or go with Butch Aardvark? Or, other.

Comments (2)

  1. I have a few name suggestions for the Anchor:
    Bitch Smackington
    Betch Slappington
    Fille Fiddlesworth
    Flanks Spankerton
    Jim Russel
    Bruce Mane
    Fuckin idk

  2. >there are people here who actually unironically gave the episode a 5/5

    Really? Perfect? I guess we've given up on caring about quality, so it's now maymay faces and lel randum pinkie XD making bronies moist.