LOS ANGELES-- Today, Hasbro president Brian Goldner has announced a deal with media giant Everfree Northwest that will give Everfree sole ownership of broadcasting rights for the upcoming fifth season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  The agreement, Goldner claims, will move Hasbro’s popular television show to a network that can best reach the show’s largest audience: Adult male fans, also known as “bronies.”
“We realize that the financial constraints [of the parents] of many bronies does not allow them to include The Hub in their cable package,” states Goldner.  “We feel that this deal will allow more of our show’s audience to watch the episodes live and hopefully prevent illegally uploaded versions on websites such as YouTube.”

As part of the deal, Everfree Network will soon be implementing a paid usage system. Users wishing to view full episodes of My Little Pony will have to pay a monthly subscription fee for the service.

“This program will not apply to Everfree’s traditional services, such as our music and podcasts,” assures network director Final Draft. “The paid subscription feature will only apply to full episodes of the show.”

While many believe that the broadcasting change will be mutually beneficial to both the show’s audience and the people behind it, the move has created widespread dissent throughout the fandom.

“In my eyes, this is just the latest incident in a long series of pandering to bronies by Hasbro,” claims an anonymous fan of the show.  “The show’s been going downhill since Season 1. I want off the ride.”

Other members of the fandom expressed similar discontent towards Everfree Network.

“That asshole [Final Draft] interrupted my League of Legends game because he was making some public drama about my supposedly ‘censorship’ of him,” says the founder of popular fandom website Equestria Daily, Sethisto. “Why Hasbro would give him broadcasting rights is beyond me.”

“Of course not everyone is going to agree with this change,” says Draft, “but I think this can best be solved by doing a public stream with all dissenters.  That way, we can address the main concerns in a general sense and show everyone there is nothing to worry about.”

It is reported that the deal will include approximately $9000 worth of financial stipulations for Everfree Northwest, reportedly for “website improvements” and “hotel expenses,” among other things.

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  1. 10/10 would rage

  2. That's hilarious. I can't wait to see what comes out of this place in the future.

  3. I can't wait until all hell breaks lose with this one.