Fandom Approves of Wholesale Panda Slaughter

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Following the the reference to the "Twilight-licious" video and its numerous subsequent variations, in Saturday's episode "Pinkie Apple Pie", Saberspark and BlackGryph0n have decided to exact revenge on those responsible: an endangered species. In a video released late yesterday, Saberspark and BlackGryph0n can be seen mowing down droves of pandas with automatic weapons, in a spectacle rivaled only by Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder. 

It is unclear if any of the bamboo-munching beasts escaped the genocide, but one can only hope that it has put an end to the panda-ring once and for all. In a semi-surprising display of consensus, /mlp/ has responded favorably thusfar to the video's release.

You can watch the "PANDAmonium" here:

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  1. Swimming in a sea of shit, there are gems. This is one of those gems.