Claire Corlett, voice of Sweetie Belle, gets new Twitter Account

>check it @ClaireMCorlett
Just recently, Claire Corlett, teen voice actress of Sweetie Belle, has taken the plunge and has created a Twitter account. What possible outcome of this could be desirable for this sweet, innocent young girl? Not much, say some of our experts.

Within minutes of her account being created, every single male brony over the age of 25 had followed her. Any that didn’t have Twitter accounts promptly created them and presumed to follow her. Slowly and surely, the lower age groups followed. From 24 down to 18, everyone had followed her within two hours of the account’s creation.
We were able to get an interview with an anonymous representative of Claire's, where we asked about her new account. “It was absolutely horrifying!... I was so worried for my life that I was going to shut down the account that first night. That was before I received emails threatening me if I did close it, though,” relayed her representative to us.

These emails went into vivid detail about what these men would do to her, if she did not allow them to stalk her every single movement and hang on her every word. We received an anonymous tip who claims that the creation of the account itself was due to possible physical threats of their own doing.

“My partner and I had been stalking her for weeks, waiting for the opportune time. Finally, one day she was walking with her phone out all by herself after school. We pulled up with our van and pulled her in. We then threatened her with horse dildos until she eventually made the account, and then we threw her out and drove off.”

This is all speculation of course as Claire has still yet to confirm the reports of stalking and harassment with sex toys.

Her representative told us afterwards that she was starting to "like the whole Twitter thing." We assume she had been warned about the fandom's deranged tendencies prior, as well.

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  1. Squeaky Tiny Horse is best CMC.

  2. So are we turning this into the Onion now?

    1. Employee #Thisjobsucks here and I'll have to say: This was always the onion.

    2. No, it's just /mlp/.

  3. This is really amusing writing, pony pony pony. I think I'm going to like you.