Con-goer asks mind-blowing panel question

   Fellow fans, convention staff, and show staff alike were blown away by the well-thought out and deeply insightful question, asked at a recent staff panel held at a pony convention. Jaws were left agape at the wit and creativity of one Kevin Borgiss, 27, of Muncie Indiana who traveled 600 miles by bus and stood in line for a mere 6 hours to ask his earth-shaking query. The crowd fell silent as Borgiss approached the microphone, some claim to have seen a golden glow surrounding him, as a reflection of his near-enlightened state. The only sound was the rattle of the tin pin-back buttons that hung from his fedora. 
Editors note: there are no photos of Kevin because his natural aura cannot be captured with cameras.

   “First, I just want to thank you for everything you do for the show,” Borgiss began, the crowd perched on the edges of their seats, craning to get closer to the brilliant man. “And I was wondering if you could answer my question.”

   Meghan McCarthy could only stare wide-eyed at the fandom-messiah before her, and nod her head in approval.

   “Well, I was wondering if you could tell us what happens next season?”
   The crowd erupted with thunderous applause, and the floor trembled with excitement. Never before has another fan thought to ask for spoilers about future episodes, much less at a convention panel. Some fans began to weep openly that they were themselves not wise enough to ask such a creative and meaningful question. Surely this man was deserving of his own successful youtube “let's play” channel and critique show, over 11,000 twitter followers, and a guest spot for his OC in the upcoming season, or at least be canonized into sainthood.
   The crowd only became hushed once more as McCarthy grabbed the microphone for her reply.


   Somewhere in the audience a baby began to cry. McCarthy looked about the room and shouted “Just kidding! Of course we can tell you what happens in the next season!” The staff then proceeded to take turns describing every event of every upcoming episode in-detail, even providing completed animation clips, sound bytes, copies of scripts, and their home-phone numbers for any future questions.
As the panel concluded, the crowd carried Borgiss from the hall on their shoulders, singing his praises in latin. When asked if he had any other ground-breaking ideas for panel questions, Borgiss said he “needed to think about a really good one.”
   At press time, it was confirmed that Kevin has decided to travel 1200 miles by train to ask a Voice Actress to repeat a line from the show “in-character” during a panel.

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