Slowpoke Mid-week Roundup – “News” you might have missed


The man known simply as "ScarfAnon" has received his latest shipment of Team /mlp/ 4chan Cup scarfs, and they are being prepped for delivery. 

John DeLancie has not tweeted in over 11 months, as the 1-year anniversary of the digital release of the Brony Documentary approaches. Speculation as to his whereabouts ranges from “Castaway-esque survival story on a remote island”, to “he's still pissed about the piracy”.

Issue #15 of IDW's My Little Pony comic series was released. Daring-Do, Voldemort, Loki, and many others join the fray.

Ashleigh Ball (Voice of Rainbow Dash and Applejack) and Claire Corlette (Voice of Sweetie Bell) have both joined Twitter.

Slenderman was found in Saturday's Episode. 2Spooky4ufact: Meghan McCarthy did not even know who Slenderman is. His appearance in the episode, behind a bush near a cabin after Pinkie Pie finds a note in the woods, remains an enigma.

The Hub Network website made some changes. The Season-1 stock-art used to promote the show stays mostly the same. Mostly.

A set of unidentified pony plushies appeared on Taobao, sans-cutie marks. Soothsayers foretell the end-times.


Last-week Tara Strong offered up a Vine featuring her saying “dirty things” in-character if the internet could come up with $500 for a good cause by the end of the day. A man donated over $1000 shortly later “for /mlp/”. Tara then kept her word, sending out a video including language about diapers, gum, and butts.

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  1. tfw I want one of those scarves

  2. Where do I order one of these scarves? And where can I find this Tara Strong soundclip?