Do or Deer -or- How to Ruin a Project in 90 Days

            Ah, Do or Deer, a name synonymous with abject failure among /mlp/ and that one shitposting anon. A long standing tradition of why Tumblr needs to burn to the ground. A stirring tale of betrayal, drugs, and love. Oh wait, those last two only happened in my mind. This is a guide on how to fuck up a good idea in no time.

            Way back when, during Season 3, the anons of our fair board were so thoroughly disgusted by the train wreck that was Double Rainboom, they bitched about it constantly. Until one thread, an anon piped up and said “Well, if you hate it so much, why don’t you make something better?” The anons couldn’t help but agree. And so, betwixt a few threads, an idea was born, ripped from the mind of Mother Faust herself.

            It was a rejected idea, an entrancing story of the girls and Spike meeting a pony orphaned in the White Tail Woods, raised by deer, whom fought hard to fit into a society that he didn’t belong in. It was great idea, even if it already stank of liberal transgenderism already. And so, a hasty group was assembled, led by one Flurshy and For a Thousand Years.

            They quickly set-up an IRC chat at this time, composed of the numerous anon working on the project. It was a turbulent start, pointless happenstance going back and forth about the name of the episode, switching between Do or Deer and Truth and Deer several times and the usual brand of pony based funposting.

            After a few weeks of back and forth-ing however, everything was suddenly switched over to Skype, Flurshy quitting and leaving For A Thousand Years in charge, as well as the original script writer disappearing. And yet again, everything returned to its slow speed, plodding not unlike a pack mule, until For A Thousand Years ceased to exist, but not before leaving two others in control: Rat and Wreckingfist.

            At this point, Wreckingfist becomes power hungry, making a move to remove a member from the project. The project continues, making progress at last, but not before cutting down the number of people on the project from 35 to 10. At this point, the script was finally finished. And then, it really hit the fan. Without the other leader’s knowledge, Wreckingfist brought in three Tumblerites, Doppel, Pippa and Tentacuddles.

            In one fell swoop, Wreckingfist had bombed the whole project, between him and the three Tumblrites, a strict No-Fun Allowed policy took place, causing constant in-fighting and literal complaints from the Tumblrites about anons using trigger words among the chats.

            And it only got worse from there. Suddenly, these three and Wreckingball were almost entirely responsible for trying to change everything, from the main focus of the episode, Treebark himself, to the very script (Under the guise of making it “funnier”). They tried to change the VA’s, trying to replace the ones lined-up with those of Rina-chan and her little groupies.

            And just like that, within just a week, the whole project had been gutted, the project head returning to a mess, and the project slowly dying, before it was nothing but a memory, a bad joke on the minds of anons. And that’s how it ended. Not with a bang and a product, but with a whisper of “Fuck Tumblr.”

            But that Rarity vs. The Giant Crab thing looked pretty cool, whatever happened to that?

            P.S.-And as an added footnote to the end of this project, after Wreckingball devastated this whole operation, he moved onto True Tails, FlamingoRich’s next project after Double Rainboom. Literally betraying the original concept of the project he bombed, he got himself signed on, deluding himself into believing it was a paying job. However, he was proved otherwise, and at this point, he was quoted as saying “…[And] I am applying to more legit jobs right now. When I get one, I am dropping True Tail like a hot potato.”

    Writers Note: The finished script for Do or Deer can be found here:

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  1. Hey that's pretty cool. Everyone told me though when I had a mustache I let it be too wide. Do you have a grooming guide for them

  2. All I feel is rage

  3. This is why we can't have nice things. Ever.

  4. This is surprisingly really good. Wow.

  5. Well, I remember calling it back in April. I even made this post here:
    It was doomed to fail and we all knew it.

  6. I wonder if that script is available anywhere at all.

  7. Tumblr once again ruins fun

  8. Here's the script:

  9. Right. well I suppose this CrazyIvan failed to mention that right off the bat they had about 15 people proclaiming to be writing the script, about no one doing anything about getting voice actors, or character designs.
    Just a lot of people farting around trying to feel special. It all tapered out when the team lead vanished and gave no direction. People getting butt hurt that some tumblrites were trying to actually get things done (even though even they fucked up too, what too sensitive about character critques)