Angry Joe steps up his pony game, /v/ doesn't care (UPDATE)

Low tier Channel Awesome reviewer and Video Game autist Angry Joe showed his pony love on Twitter today. This set off the always present internet-butterfly effect and it made it's way to both /mlp/ and /v/. The two heated rivals are now raising their armies in the wake of this latest shit storm, undoubtedly spilling their spaghetti every where over Angry Joe. I mean this is the man who thought "Man of Steel" was good, so pasta will flow.

It all started on /mlp/ when trigfag Videogameget released the info in this thread. The most obvious question was "When will FinalDraft stop circlejerking with himself", but the most repeated responses were "What's /v/ gonna do?"

Ya, it was pretty much the same. As it turns out, the majority of /v/ actually hates AngryJoe so no one really cared. All that really happened with this thread is /mlp/'s autism spread in to the world of /v/, no doubt making everyone pissy once more. But once Scoots quits posting his underage bullshit, I'm sure everything will be back to /v/'s normal god awful self again. 

More on AngryJoe's ponyfication as the story and drama unfolds.

/v/ thread immediately 404'd after this, showing their true fear for horse news

Fear me. FEAR ME.

You're next Nostalgia Critic.

We here at Horse News apologize for the amount of pasta undoubtedly pouring from your screens. Just call our hotline (1-800-727-7466) and we'll be over right away to clean it up and circlejerk you properly.

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  1. wow... I think today is the day our autism over flows

  2. Why the hate for Angry Joe, though? I thought he was the actually GOOD people leftover from a lot of the bullshit from TGWTG/Channel Awesome. Face it, TGWTG/Channel Awesome has very little credibility left. What with Holly Christie Brown, and Obscurus Lupa destroying it with their bullshit, Spoony going off the deep end because of it, Nostalgia Critic treating his method of entertainment like it's a job he hates, Nostalgia Chick inserting her uber liberal left-wing bullshit into her material, and Diamanda Hagen doing some lesbian podcast, in which she infuriates us with her same-sex political views in a website in wish we wish to ESCAPE REALITY and be entertained. If I want to hear that kind of bullshit in media, I'll tune into MSNBC. And I HATE MSNBC! MSNBC? Moar like MSDNC amirite?

    1. >MSNBC
      >Not every 24 hours news network

      But I still enjoy Nostalgia Critic and Todd in the Shadows for the most part. In a persona not related to this fandom, I wouldn't mind joining channel awesome

    2. That's cool. At first I thought you might have been missing my point, but I don't want to give you too little credit. If you want to be a part of Channel Awesome, just entertain. That's it. I don't want to hear about politics in a place that's about entertainment and escapism. The only good people remaining(in my opinion) on TGWTG/Channel Awesome are: Angry Joe, Blockbuster Buster, Todd in the Shadows, Rap Critic, Jesu Otaku, and Benzae(or however you spell his name). That's it. If they were smart, seeing all the shit that's happened to their brand, they're better off distancing themselves from it.

    3. See, I still really enjoy Critic. He's the main guy, you know? And the "hating his job" part is part of the act he's had from the beginning, so it doesn't really bother me. The rest of your points, however, make sense. Especially Nostalgia Chick. I like her and she makes good reviews, but she injects too much politics in to it.

    4. Verily, you and I can agree on that. The only reason James Rolfe, AKA AVGN, manages to stay successful, is because he manages to throw in different things to keep the site fresh. And that's just with three guys; James, Mike, and occasionally Bootsy. With TGWTG, he couldn't manage to find more new ideas for himself other than Nostalgia Critic. And because of that, he got tired of both it AND his fans, Demo Reel bombed big time and he lost a lot of money. Now, he's gone back to Nostalgia Critic, and it really doesn't feel organic anymore; it feels forced, like he HAS to do it.

    5. I guess I can kind of see that, especially because he does less of it. Still, I stand back and enjoy more of his actual review than his comedy. I feel he puts more effort in to that now, because I've heard some great explanations out of him recently

  3. Therein lies the problem; there's no balance.

  4. /v/ has regular angry joe circlejerk threads. im sure it will come up in one of those.

  5. 4chan is dead, guys... Death by overflow of foolishly foolish fools.