Man discovers there is literally nothing left to Ponify, unsure what to do with free time

A fandom artist was stricken with doubt and anxiety earlier today when he discovered there was literally nothing left to make My Little Pony crossover artwork of. Filled with motivation and a desire to create, the artist set out to create a humorous crossover that had never been done before. What started as a well-meaning cheerful endeavor, quickly turned to a dreadful affair wrought with uncertainty.
The artist looked about his room for inspiration from his various collectibles of movies and shows he most enjoyed, and began to look to see if anyone had "ponified" them yet.
Star Wars was out, that was a no-brainer.
He didn't know why he even bothered to look for Dr. Who or Breaking Bad but he was rather impressed that an old-anime he used to enjoy; "Love-Hina" had also already been covered.

Perhaps he should try for something that wasn't a tv show, surely there would be no ponified book characters like the Hunger Games?

Well, he thought, I guess those are pretty mainstream nowadays, they've got movies and all that. Turning away from media, he figured he would be safe; making another species of animal into pony-characters. Nobody would ever think to turn the main characters into-

Getting slightly frustrated he began to google every animal he could think of. Snakes, bears, chickens, dolphins, even lobsters! ALL of them had been ponified. Fucking LOBSTERS!
Realizing that it's easy to make art of one living thing as another, he decided to go a completely different direction and ponify some inanimate objects. There was no way that anyone would make art of 
you have got to be fucking kidding me.

Now, not only frustrated, but getting discouraged, the artist began to look for possible topics at random.
Video Game systems?

Holy shit.
Disasters? There's no way in fuck that -

Oh my dear Christ.
In a fit of crazed obsession and anger he began to search for every noun in the dictionary.
Every one.
Every last one.
From Aardvark to Zinc he looked. And every time, he found something. The artist, now completely drained of creativity and motivation, and with only a tenuous grip on his own sanity (having googled the entire dictionary in one sitting), now has no idea what to do with himself and has no hope for the future. Experts in the field of Man-child-psychology are worried that this will quickly devolve into full-blown depression and self-destructive tendencies. 

At press-time, medical officials have said that the artist has taken up a new hobby; "calling other people's artwork 'shit' online," and "generally bitching about things on tumblr and MyLittleBrony".

He is not expected to recover.

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  1. And yet, there is no ponifying of Les Miserables.


    2. Nigger do you even google?

    3. >Sep 2011

  2. not with the sublime you could do something trippy with that

  3. >generally bitching about things on tumblr and MyLittleBrony
    and who said mulpies were untouchable?

  4. I've been checking for old PC games that haven't been ponified yet. Most of them are fairly obscure (but not so obscure that it's implausible that they WOULD be ponified).

    Theme Hospital.
    Arkanoid. (There is a game called MLP Arkanoid, but it's just a generic breakout clone rather than specifically arkanoid)
    Sid Meir's Pirates.
    Civilization 1-4 (the 5th one has been ponified)
    Alpha Waves (The first fully 3D PC game ever made, and the first 3D platform game ever made. I'm pretty surprised it's not more well known considering this...)

    I haven't seen any crossovers with any of the elite games (pretty surprising considering that Elite: Dangerous came out this month - though I have seen a lot of bronies talking about it)

    There are lots that I have checked, and have found, and a lot that I haven't checked yet.