Breaking News! Final Draft blatantly advertises own site! #getsthescoop

5:11 AM Today, local Anon posts a thread containing the following picture. This marks a low point in Director and Host of Everfree Network, Final Daft, in which he has stoop to dubious methods of advertisement of said owned site.

The man has no shame.

Journalists all over the internet mourns the loss of a fellow man of truth stating how such an action is truly the lowest point a person dedicated to the noble art of Journalism can fall to. However, this was not a singular negative instance of Final Draft's career. Local Anons interviewed stated of telltale signs from before proving how the Pony media overlord was slowly losing his grasp on sanity. One such instance of which can be seen below.

Pictured: Final Draft corrupting the minds of our underaged youths with notions
of visiting a site that is regarded as the 'Garbage Dump' of the Internet.

Other signs include profiteering off of the fandom and causing unnecessary drama. 

At the end of all this, we at Horse News would like to voice out our opinions regarding such unprofessionalism in shameless marketing. We believe that the best type of media spotlight is through the tried and tested, word of mouth and that, by only writing and publishing quality and up-to-date news and content, can this be achieved.

Pictured: word of mouth advertising.
We would also like to state that no matter how popular this site becomes, we would never stoop so low as to demand financial aid from our loyal viewers. We care about you too much.

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  1. I wish to tithe at least 20% (cooler) of my income to this trustworthy sauce of newsworthy professionalism.