Mare Fair 2023: A New Florida Con…What Could Go Wrong?

The folks over at Snowpity, Inc., who brought us the silver mare coins are at it again and have apparently announced an actual, real-life pony convention they're planning to run in Orlando, FL, this fall called Mare Fair.  This could be a really good thing or a really bad one, I'm hoping for the former.  But whatever happens, it should be fun to watch.  Their press release is re-printed after the break.

A previous headline for this article stated the con was run by /mlp/; this is not in fact the case, but rather it is run by people from /mlp/.  It is not a /mlp/ or 4chan convention.

The convention's OC being used to shamelessly shill the con

For immediate release
February 13th, 2023

Mare Fair 2023: Orlando’s Newest Pony Convention

Mare appreciators all over the world are flocking to one place to celebrate their love of ponies: Mare Fair 2023! Being hosted in sunny Orlando, FL, from September 29th to October 1st, this three day convention is promising to make a big splash during its first year. Mare Fair is looking to put lesser known artists and community members in the spotlight and promote a comfy atmosphere where the fandom can boldly “poni poni” like no one has before.

The Mare Fair venue is conveniently located on International Drive near some of America’s most popular theme parks such as Disney World and Universal Orlando. The venue even offers a free shuttle to SeaWorld and Aquatica. Neighboring ICON Park, the convention sits beside a massive ferris wheel, which ties in nicely to the fair theme. There are over 60 restaurants within walking distance of the convention. With a group rate of $115 a night from September 25th to October 5th, you might even consider turning this convention trip into a proper vacation supplemented by a couple theme park visits.

Mare Fair has already sold out of its two highest tier sponsor badges, so if you were hoping to cop extra goodies like commemorative gear, line-skip passes, or reserved hotel nights - now is the time to register! More than half of the room block has already been filled, so prospective fairgoers should buy a badge and reserve their rooms as soon as possible.

Spots are still open for the ticketed Spaghetti and Tendie Dinner - a grand banquet where chicken tenders, as well as heaping loads of spaghetti, will be piled high on your plate as you revel in the camaraderie you share with your fellow horsey buds. An open bar is planned for the event and all proceeds will go towards the convention’s chosen horse rescue charity.

The group behind Mare Fair 2023, Snowpity, Inc., is a non-profit seeking 501(c)(3) status. The group is composed of fandom members who have a long history of delivering successful community projects. Just this month, their $76k commemorative silver coin project on Kickstarter successfully mailed out more than 1,200 custom-minted coins to nearly 500 people. Snowpity, Inc., is a 100% volunteer organization that holds events to raise funds to rescue, care for, and improve the lives of equines in need; to bring together artists to practice and hone their craft of pony art; and to educate the world about the beauty that resides within every mare. The convention will be topped off with a charity auction with proceeds being donated directly to a non-profit horse rescue charity to be announced.

Wanna come to Mare Fair 2023? Looking to be a vendor, apply for a panel, or perform in the concert? Looking to be a volunteer (please) and get a free badge? Head over to for all your needs. The registration page also offers a commemorative spirit badge to purchase for $35 if you cannot make it but would like to support the convention. 

Another way to support Mare Fair is through their current fundraiser, the new Winter Warm-Up! art pack (18+). You can grab the pack for $10, or get the deluxe edition for $15. Both packs are “name your own price above minimum” and all donations are committed to making Mare Fair 2023 the best convention it can be. 

You can follow them for major updates and announcements on Twitter @MareFairCon and


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  2. hope this is all on the up and up, but looks super sus, ngl

    why is their logo an upside down horse pussy?
    why is their MareBits crypto logo also a horse pussy?
    are those even the same guys?
    why are kids not allowed at an MLP convention?
    is this a clop gathering?
    if so, then why are skimpy cosplays and open lewd merch discouraged?
    why do their official company naming schemes feel like an elaborate "mares mares mares i love mares" joke
    im so confused and suspicious

    feels like that brony dating sim scam all over again

    1. it has also come to my attention that their twitter profile pic is a cropped image of their oc showing off her ass

      this feels like a 4chan prank.
      which kinda sucks because a florida bronycon in autumn would be kinda nice

    2. Glad I’m not the only one bothered by this. :(

    3. Take your meds, schizo. If you look at a hot air balloon and see genitalia, that's something wrong with your brain.

    4. It's literally just a balloon, you schizophrenic

    5. If you have any other questions, please ask and I can do my best to answer.

      >why is their logo an upside down horse pussy?
      It's not, it's a balloon

      >why is their MareBits crypto logo also a horse pussy?
      Because it's a meme and is not connected at all to Mare Fair

      >are those even the same guys?
      One of the guys who did Mare Bits is also helping to organize Mare Fair, that's the extent of the connection between the two projects.

      >why are kids not allowed at an MLP convention?
      We're trying something new, a brony convention aimed towards adults
      Kids who were 7 when the show premiered are now 18, and we think the core group of pony fans nowadays are indeed older.
      Not selling badges to children allows us more freedom in our programming: We can have events that use strong language or innuendo and not have to card at the entrance, for example.
      And vendors that sell NSFW merch don't have to worry about carding, either.

      >is this a clop gathering?

      >why do their official company naming schemes feel like an elaborate "mares mares mares i love mares" joke
      You mean the name Snowpity?
      It's not really a joke, we wanted a name to describe what we love about mares, and at its essence Snowpity is the perfect word for this.

    6. Time has really flown and my math is off:

      Kids who are 18 today were 5 when the show premiered.

    7. I kind of softened the blow on that kind of realization when I realized I was 16 and genuinely got excited about socks as a Christmas present over anything like gaming hardware. I've been thinking of myself kind of like an old man who's body's playing catch-up ever since.

    8. Sheesh. In light of seeing how much I overused "kind of" in that sentence like a dumbass, I feel a bit embarrassed. I should pay more attention to re-reading the post thoroughly instead of only a few words at a time to check for spelling.

  3. Replies
    1. I can confirm as one of the organizers that this is not a scam.

  4. Crypto currency scam!

    1. How is this in any way related to cryptocurrency?
      It's a convention.

  5. This is a scam. The supporter list is fake. People on it have stated they have no involvement and don't want any. This is a scam. HN may be a shitpost itself but even it shouldn't be helping these scammers scam people.

  6. Fuck HorseNews sharing a fucking scam!

  7. twitterniggers be seething that someone other than the furry conglomerate are running a convention
    What next? Are you going to harass the hotel because wootmaster needed his fix of dopamine?



  10. Fuck it. I support mare fair. Fuck furries.


    1. Fuck furries, fuck Twitter, let's go Mare Fair!

  12. Crypto currency scam!

  13. I might have to keep an eye out on this. If it's legit and not overran/ran by Twitterfags then I'll definitely go next year.

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