Thank Snowpity, You Can Finally Order a Silver Mare Coin

It's finally here! Looks like OP is getting ready to actually deliver on the commemorative silver coin designed by /mlp/ in the /mlpmg/ threads as ordering has officially been opened on Kickstarter. All you ponyfags who've been waiting to join the ranks of your fellow precious metal collectors can finally trade your increasingly worthless shekels for a coin made of 99.9% pure silver featuring mares. The campaign has already sold almost $35,000 worth of mare coins!

The design process began in the very first thread back in January and proceeded at what felt like a snail's pace before finally being (mostly) completed towards the end of June when the dies were finally ordered from the mint. This was followed by a pre-order form in August that received orders for over 1,000 coins, which at a value of $55 per coin would exceed $55,000. As a result, the organizers became concerned that they had become a bit trapped in a prison of [their] own success and began worrying about relying on the invoice/PayPal system used for other projects like /mppp/ (>>39037318).

Video promoting the project as seen at /mlp/ con 2022

In October, it was announced that a new nonprofit organization named Snowpity, Inc., would take on the /mlpmg/ mare coin minting as one of their projects, as long as all excess funds generated from the campaign would go to its mission statement of ...[raising] funds to rescue, care for, and improve the lives of equines in need; [bringing] together artists to practice and hone their craft of pony art; and [educating] the world about the beauty that resides in every mare. Of the two original organizers of /mlpmg/, one was already a member of the Snowpity Board of Directors and the other joined as a corporate officer and they will both still be in charge of the project, so nothing is expected to change. Snowpity wasn't created for the /mlpmg/ project, but rather some other mysterious future project(s) yet to be announced.

Mysterious mare as seen in the OP announcing Snowpity, Inc.

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