Fimfiction Group hosts a shitposting contest

Nothing really beats getting paid $100 to shitpost. A FIMFiction group ran by Super Trampoline is hosting what is essentially a shitposting, aka a "Feghoot" contest. Details below.
The hell is a feghoot, you ask? Good question, because I personally didn't even know that was an official name for the countless greentext posts you've probably seen that have ridiculous endings. You know, something like this:

Those are apparently feghoots. Who knew? Anyway, Super Trampoline aka SoCalPonytones is offering a contest on Fimfiction for the one who can write the funniest one. Official details copypasted below. Please note you'll need a FimFiction account to participate.

Want to win $100?! Well then join this group and submit a feghoot by July 14th! Also join our Discord Server!

Welcome to the First FimFiction Feghoot Festival, organized by Super Trampoline! A feghoot is a (usually short) story that leads up to and ends with a horrible pun. This group is for anyone who likes ponies or feghoots, and especially pony feghoots. It's also where you submit your entries for the First FimFiction Feghoot Festival! Head to the forum or click on the links for:

    ・Contest Timeline
    ・Press Releases

If you have any questions, feel free to pop into the Discord Server to ask them, or message Super Trampoline here on FimFiction.

Have at it, Anons!

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