Historic Lyra Plush Unearthed and Sold

She's baaaaaaaaaack
The fabled Lyra plushie with the rear pocket that can be used to hold fruit has been discovered and purchased by a lucky anon.  So where has this artifact been?

Apparently it was stuck in storage somewhere.  OP has been reluctant to give many details, but when asked how they found her, he stated, I didn't hunt them down that's for sure.  Found out later they were the one that bought it.  It mostly stayed in storage since then and they've kept quiet about it.

The Story Now
Already anons are lining up offering to purchase the plush from the new buyer, but OP hasn't responded yet to any authors.  I can state unequivocally that I would offer a boat load of money for this historic /mlp/ relic.

This article will be updated as this news develops.

UPDATE OP has responded to questions about what he plans to do with the plush and request to purchase the plushie.  My hopes are now kill.

I'll never have her

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Original Listing from 2012
Lucky OP Purchases Infamous Plushie

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  2. It's BIGGER. Now with the signature of The Queen Lauren. MADMAN.

  3. I wanna make it for my bestfriend Li XiaoYao.
    I have a sewing machine and some video guide how to make some stuff like this. which I worry is how can I found the material to make this adorable thing like this.

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