Fandom Friends Lose Everything in House Fire - Total Loss including 9 Dogs - DONATE HERE TO HELP


Tragedy struck some of the nicest folks we here at Horse News have ever known. Tyler and Miriam, known perhaps better as Snowflake and Maud on the convention scene, lost everything in a house fire, including 9 dogs.  This happened last weekend while the couple were away en-route to Disneyland, where Tyler planned to propose.

The fire has been deemed a "total loss" and assessed at over $1Million in damages. They're currently living out of a hotel room and could use all the help they can get.

A gofundme was set up by Dusty to help them get back on their feet.

Please spread the word if you can.


Text from the Gofundme:

Last weekend Tyler and Miriam were at Disneyland with Miriam's folks. It was to be a grand day as Tyler was going to propose. Suddenly Miriam's father's phone buzzed and their local police told him the most frightening thing you could ever hear. Their house was burning down.

I'll let Miriam tell you in her own words. 

"We, Tyler and I, went to Disneyland for the weekend. It was a gift given to us by Tyler's dad. We were going to go Sunday and Monday. We spent all Sat driving."

"Turns out Tyler was going to propose to me and have my parents be there and surprise me too. Wake up to text from my dad that he was going to surprise me but he got from the sheriff. Our House burned down. We all live together because Tyler and I are very poor."

"It's all gone. Nothing is left. They used to breed/rescue dogs. We are dog lovers and we had a big dog family. We believe that a dog is more than just an animal, but a member of the family. My parents' 10 dogs (except one) all were burned alive. To me, 9 beautiful souls were lost."

"I also have little dogs and they managed to survive (which I am very grateful for)."

"But I'm still in shock. It feels like a horrible nightmare. My grandfather was a carpenter everything he made for us is gone. I am an artist everything I have ever made that isn't digital and uploaded is gone. All of my family photos are gone. I know it's just stuff, but it still hurts it had sentimental value to us. It only took a matter of hours and one text and my life feels like it's been erased. "

"I feel so numb. I'm not sure what to do."

"We never went to the park. We just packed our things and went home."

"I keep seeing the dogs burning in my mind. It hurts. It hurts so much to imagine their last moments. They didn't deserve that."

"So far we have only found two bodies. They might have to demolish the property with the rest of them buried in the rubble. They say the structure is too compromised to dig through it. I am hoping they can secure it and we can look for them."

"We are currently living in a hotel."

"Everything is up in the air. My body doesn't know how to process everything. I will be numb and then I will cry and scream. I have never seen my dad cry until all this. He's a veteran who has been through a lot (even before all this). My mother is too afraid to get clothes. She's afraid that it will just be destroyed eventually."

"My heart breaks for my parents and my family. They have been through enough in their lives."

"If you have someone you care about, whether they are a person or a dog/cat/etc, give them a hug right now. Let them know how much you love them."

News articles:

As you can read, this is devastating. Tyler and Miriam have been selfless in the Brony Fandom as well as other endeavors.  Tyler helped me put on the first Hoof wrestling championship match for charity. They both help watch my table at cons so I can raise money during charity auctions. They help entertain kids at the conventions.

Now they need our help, I know we can help them in their time of need. No one should have to go through this, much less over the Christmas season. 

Immediate living expenses are needed as well as enough to live on until insurance can be sorted out and we all know how long that can take. The time they have the hotel is limited and it's running out.

If you can't donate then spread the word far and wide on all social media. 

Please, if you can spare anything, give a few dollars to a family that is in dire straits this holiday season.  

I know I will.

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  1. Breeding is irresponsible and they could only bothered to save 1 out of 10? jesus christ

    1. what you you mean they only bothered to save one dog no one was home, could they teleport?



    P U R P L E T R A N N Y !













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  3. A very interesting story. Thank you for sharing!

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